Don’t Stress!

Denise Silva

Janeth Guerra

ENG 100-203

Now a days, most college students find the habit of studying unnecessary and stressful. Now what is the result of being sluggish and not studying? A failing grade? Upset parents? But to avoid all this drama and maintain successful acceptable grades, the habit of studying is a must. Many of us want to study but we are unaware that there is an effective guide to follow to make the process of studying a success. It has been proven that those students who study obtain a higher grade than those who trust their instincts of “knowing it all”. Here I present the steps to follow to make your next study session a worthy one.

To begin with, organize a notebook to take notes during class. During your process of taking notes, make your data clear and understandable for a later use. Write down all the important facts and the material that your teacher spends more time explaining. Pay close attention to your teacher’s lesson; you would not want to miss any important information.

Once you arrive home, prepare to begin studying. As you read through your notes mark the points that are most important to you. On the days to follow, review your points on a daily basis. During your time of study take a break of 5-15 minutes to eat a snack or surf the web. Do not take too long or you will most likely not continue studying. Remember that your brain needs a break as well.

Taken by: Denise Silva
Studying at home, right after school.

On the night before your exam, you should be fully rested. Make sure to sleep at least the eight hours your body needs. A great way to boost you with energy is to eat a healthy breakfast that consists on proteins, vitamins, and filling fiber. Eating right in the morning enhances your cognitive skills which are your attention, memory, logic and reasoning skills. A great breakfast will help you exceed on your academic work. Don’t forget to keep your body hydrated with plenty of water.

Taken by: Janeth Guerra
After an hour of studying time, it’s time for a snack.

In the morning, study as a group with your colleagues before class; your mind is rested and unstressed. This is a great way to give and receive help from others. Sharing information is a great way to confirm that your data is reliable and accurate for the test.

There is a “why” and a “how” to even the simplest tasks and studying is not an exception. Follow this east steps and you will be guaranteed an “A” on your exam. Good luck on your test!

Google Image
On your marks…. Get set……. Get an A!

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