how to get on professor’s good side

By:  Yesica Lopez, Lorenzo Barrientos, Omar Gonzalez

ENG 100-203

Every teacher has his or her own expectations of students. However, all that professors want is to provide students with knowledge. Students that are determine to work hard are likely to have success. It is essential for you to greet your teacher. The best way to get on your professor’s good side is to be punctual, ready and prepare, and to complete all types of assignments. Without any doubt your instructor will see of how important your education is for you. By following these steps will get you on professor’s good side.


Regardless of the obstacles you confront when getting ready for class; always stay punctual. First, you could wake up an hour before class to get everything accomplish. Next, also try not to last too long on the little details. For example, combing your hair or even brushing your teeth. Furthermore, something that will help you a lot is to arrange the outfit the night before. Therefore, you will not spend at least 30 minutes rummaging through the closet. After you are dressed and ready to go to class, make it a habit to arrive 10-15 minutes prior. The outcome of getting to campus before class is that you will have a better chance of finding parking lot. Most of the time students struggle to find a spot.

For example, another way to get on your teacher’s good side is to be prepared. Make sure to have pencils, pens, papers, and a 3 ring binder. If you have the basic required materials will make you a wise student. Another reason to be entitle with the essential tools; will help you keep up with the rest of the class. However when you are not prepare you waste a lot of time trying to get something to write with. Make sure you don’t get distracted. Turn your cellphone off. I suggest you to have a snack before class. Scientific studies show that eating before class helps you focus better because your mind is completely centered on the lesson rather than your growling stomach. Remember to show your best attitude.

Furthermore, teachers like students that show importance towards their education. I recommend that you complete all types of assignments. Pay attention to everything the teacher is saying. By paying attention to your teacher it will walk you through the information and make the work easier. Meanwhile you are listening carefully and understanding the lesson; every assignment will be less complicated to complete. Remember to try to get all your work completed because is important to have good grades in college. Maintaining high grades will prove to your teacher that you are responsible.  Another suggestion is to not hesitate to ask the professor questions, so you can have a clear comprehension. Try to participate in class to demonstrate to your instructor that you are really acquiring his or hers information. Therefore all the information that you learned will help you accomplish the tasks; and be one of his o her’s favorite student. Show that you are willing to cooperate with your teacher to get along a have good days. This will make class great for you.

Finally, I suggest that you always be punctual, prepared, and complete all types of assignments. Students that are responsible become very successful. Following these steps will get you on professor’s good side. Therefore you will have an amazing experience in college.

unique steps to follow to get on professor’s good side


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  1. christina flores

    Thank you so much for this article. I was looking for ways to be a great student and learn,to communicate to the professor by going all the tip you mension in this article

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