How to find a good parking spot

By:Grendi Noriega and Christian Flores

Most colleges have issues with campus parking lots. For example,  AWC students also have struggled with parking lots in school.Their are three steps to get a parking space near the school building.School parking lots can be an issue, with the limited students, and wasting time. College campus parking lots can cause a lot of issues.

Parking outside the fense  Taken by: Grendi Noriega
Parking outside the fense
Taken by: Grendi Noriega

It’s hard to get a parking lot in school campus. Do to new students, every semester this issue has been getting worse. AWC parking is very limited, but when you first arrive in school there are a lot of cars and a lot of traffic.When you first arrive you go down the hill and there are two gates to get in the school campus. Then you carefully check if there are any cars because there is a lot of traffic .Then students go in the parking lot but, they struggle  finding  a parking space and they wonder all over the parking lot and they are more late. If you can’t find a parking lot the only thing is to park outside the fence near the canal. Also if students are late because  it’s hard to find a parking spot near the school building.

awc parking
AWC parking By:Christian Flores

Most students get stress and frustrate because they cannot find a parking space. Also when students are waiting for a car to get out of a parking space, someone else get’s their spot. Looking for a parking space can make student loose more time to get to class.For example, students drive circles all around the parking lot just to find a parking space.

In order to find a parking space you need to come at least fifteen minutes early. Most students waste time doing their hair and they are late. In addition, students need to calculate their time. Also students should prepare all their clothes at night so they can’t struggled in the morning.

In conclusion, college parking lots can be an issue. AWC parking lots are an issue with the limited students and wasting time.Searching for a school parking lot can have a lot of steps but they work. In addition with this three steps you will get a better parking space.

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8 thoughts on “How to find a good parking spot

  1. janeth guerra

    Great detailas and explaination. For us college students who are constantly on a hurry, this provides just the necessary information to find an available parking spot.

  2. Eddie Piceno

    I enjoyed reading this blog becasue I find it this information useful for incoming AWC students. The one thing i enjoyed the most was the pictures that go with this blog. People who have no idea where to park can just park outside near the canal or near the fence.

  3. reyna morado

    I like when you said that sometimes we spend a lot of time doing our hair and all that kind of stuffs that make us loose time, and unfortunatelly that’s true. we should be at least 15 minutes earlier so we can find a parking lot

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