How to make friends the first week of class

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AWC Mascot Google Image

AWC Mascot Google Image

Being new to a school can sometimes be frightening. Especially if it’s your first day and you don’t have anybody you know. Yet there are many tips on how you can make friends on your first week of class. Being outgoing, getting to know classmates, and going to tutoring can help a student make friends in the first week of college.

Being outgoing helps you interact with people, people always seem to want to be around people that are outgoing. People who are involved in clubs and other activities are usually outgoing. “How to be outgoing?” Students might say. Well the answer is simple, join clubs on your school campus. First of all you need to go to the main office at your school and ask how to join clubs. When joining clubs, join as many as you wish, keep in mind that the more clubs you join the more people you meet. People who aren’t outgoing gain lots of confidence when joining clubs. Not only do you meet different types of people in clubs but you also become friends with them. You also get to interact with new people; therefore you become more confident when talking to people.

outgoing Stephen Colbert (left) and not so outgoing friend (right) Google images
outgoing Stephen Colbert (left) and not so outgoing friend (right) Google images

Getting to know your class mates helps you make friends and make study buddies for extra help. Talking about homework to the people around you helps you start a conversation which could lead up to getting to know them. After or before class talk to people, a simple conversation about interests can show you what you have in common with your colleagues. Another thing you can do to make new friends in class is by helping the people around you if they are in need of help or just simply ask them if they understood the topic.

Going to tutoring helps you meet students who are having problems in the same class as you. One way to get into tutoring in your school is by going to the main office or simply asking your professor about tutoring for that class. By spending time in tutoring, you can also get to know students who are interested in the same field as you or know other students that are interested in other fields. If tutoring hours interact with your class schedule and it is impossible for you to attend both at the same time, you can always get the tutoring hours in another campus.

It might be a little complicated to get to know people on the first days of college. You will have no problem making friends in your first week, by simply following these steps. Be outgoing, get to know your classmates and attend tutoring, is a great way to meet new people.

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6 thoughts on “How to make friends the first week of class

  1. janeth guerra

    Information really useful! I thought it was defintely an excellent ‘how to’ to achieve something. Next time I am new at a school I will know how to make friends step by step!!!!

  2. Jasmine Flores

    I think some of their tips were very usefull especially when they said going to tutoring helped you make friends. On the other hand sometimes they were of topic.

  3. Jordana Monroy

    The information that they gave was really helpful,and everything was well explained.The only thing that i found wrong is that they were of topic in several sentences.

  4. Reyna Morado

    next time im new in school the first thing i will do is joining to a club or a sport. i think that would be very helpful. i really enjoy reading this blog.

  5. Nolan Nady

    I laughed at the Steve Colbert picture. It really didnt help with dealing with the social anxiety that many students will face when talking to new people. Everyone has the ability to make friends but the courage required to do so is only seen a few.

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