How To Register for Classes

Kenia Romero

Alejandra Vasquez

English 100-203

Have you taken in consideration on what to do after high school? If you have chosen college, registering for classes may sometimes be a hassle and at times frustrating. Common dilemmas college students face when attempting to register for classes are not knowing where to, not knowing how to build your schedule, and not knowing deadlines for classes. Well you don’t have to worry anymore about the frustration because here are some tips to help you with the process.

Nallely registering for her fall semester classes at AWC San Luis Center. (By Kenia Romero)
Nallely registering for her fall semester classes at AWC San Luis Center. (By: Kenia Romero)

The first step in order to register of course is to know where to go. After deciding which college to attend, you may have the choice to register online on your college’s web page. This is a very easy and quick way to register for your classes. If you are having trouble registering online and you feel like you need some advisement towards which classes to take; there is no need to panic. You have you college advisors who are very helpful and are willingly to provide you their knowledge. They will guide you through the right path on registering for adequate classes.

Building your schedule is an important step after registering for classes. College is all about managing your time and setting your priorities first. Classes follow certain hours and days based on your lifestyle. It is important to choose your classes on days that you are available to attend. Consider the hours you work or anything else you have going on in life that requires your presence at certain hours. Some classes may be in different campuses depending on how big your college is. Choosing classes near you would be a smart idea.

Deadline for classes written on planner. (By: Alejandra Vasquez)
Deadline for classes written on planner. (By: Alejandra Vasquez)

The last step when registering is to know the deadlines for classes. Many of us like to wait till the last minute to do things, and when it comes to registering for classes that would not be the smart choice to do. Sometimes the classes that you want to take get full quick and registering the first day registration opens will have your spot reserved for that class without having to be on a waiting list. Always be on top for the deadlines and make sure to register on time!

By following these steps you will have a very successful registration process. There is no need for frustration and save yourself the hassle. Have fun registering for classes!

Here is a link for you to explore more about how to register for classes


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