How to Survive on Your First Day on Campus

By: Jasmine Flores, Jordana Monroy, and Luis Huerta

Eng 100-023

During high school teachers tend to tell students that college is very hard. When students get to college they don’t know what to expect. On your first day of high school you get extremely nervous imagine on your first day of college when people have made you hate college even before you start. Every first day of school is hard and nerve wracking, but college is even worst, here are some helpful tips for survival on your first day on campus.

First you got to pack all your belongings from home. Grab your suite case and get it ready for packing. Pack all the most important things you may have. Try not to forget anything at home. Be organized with your shoes, clothes, and all personal belongings. You might also want to ask your parents for cash, because college food is very expensive and even more if you take the bus or if you own a car, it will need gas.

google ,packing up
Packing: Found on Google Images.

Another tip is to get to know your roommate. Getting to know your roommate is one of the most important things. You have to get along in order to live together. Be nice every time especially the first time you meet him. Introduce yourself in a well manner way. He needs to think you were glad to meet him. Try to help each other with chores and homework. Your college life will be easier if you follow these tips.

meeting new friends,at college
Meeting New Friends: At College.

Also another important thing is getting to know your campus. If you haven’t done it, walk around campus. Get familiar to where the buildings are located; you might not want to get lost on your first day. Take time to explore all the campus. While you are walking around try to make some new friends. There are a lot of new people you can meet. Get all your supplies ready and get to class on time.

After all, college is not as bad as we thought before we attend. It’s all a matter of getting use to all the new stuff. It will be harder but eventually you will get the hang of it. A lot of new positive things will happen. For example, you will make a lot of new friends and you will get ready for the next chapter of your life.

There are so many tips to help you get prepared on your first day on campus,to see some of these tips click here.


3 thoughts on “How to Survive on Your First Day on Campus

  1. lorenzo

    All these tips are to be consider really careful. The reason to review all steps explained on this blog is because this group did a really good job on providing goods procudes towards surviving your first day on campus.

  2. Jamye Diaz

    In my Opinion, this tips are very helpful especially for Freshman students that are going to be living in doorms. It also gives students tips on how to get to know the school campus.

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