The Power Of Teachers

Do you believe your teachers are your enemies or your allies? We are students as well so we understand looking forward a high educational college.  Arizona western college gives unexpected opportunities which improve anyone’s education. Teachers at AWC have excellent techniques in teaching such as activities, educational videos, and interaction in work with other colleagues.

Teacher explaining class work personally to a student at AWC. September 2013

  • Movie Teachers: We as students should never judge a teachers technique in teaching because in situations teachers might be sick that day. Some teachers might be also unable to walk around actively because of a health problem or a disability that maintains them just to be sitting down. Although, few teachers prefer to be lazy, to sit behind their desk, and not observe what the students are doing. In other situations, some students prefer to visualize it on the TV rather than hearing it from the teacher. Students find it more excited, and can be something different in some occasions.
  • Book Teachers: we believe that teachers that only use the book to teach are pretty boring, they don’t do anything, except being sitting down on their chairs behind the desk. We dislike this very much because they don’t even teach, they don’t explain anything, and they expect you to know already what to do. However, sometimes we think this good because that way we are more aware of what we need to do and we are not expecting for the teacher to tell us, we have the chance to demonstrate how responsible we are.

Interview: Teacher (A)

1Q.     What procedures do you use to evaluate a student’s progress besides using tests?

                 (a)    Oral questions during the lesson on classroom and checking student’s homework.

2Q.     How well has your college/university prepared you for the teaching profession?

             (a)    They motivated me to teach giving me challenge presentations in front of the classmates and therefore I taught several lessons about math and other subjects.

3Q.     How would you create and promote a safe atmosphere in your classroom?

(a)    Since the beginning I taught to students be optimistic and respect each other. (zero tolerance of bulling)

  • Online Teachers: Sometimes online classes can get real ordinary, this is because teachers only post on the internet which chapters we need to read and what quizzes we need to take, and they only explain very little. They don’t expand their explanations, and this can get real hard for students because it’s not the same to read explanations than to hear them. But on the other hand, online classes are fun because you can do your work whenever you want, even at midnight, you only log in into your classroom, and you’re all set up to start working.

    The computer lab, students working on their online classes at SLLC  September 2013
    The computer lab, students working on their online classes at SLLC.
    September 2013
  • Active Teachers: These teachers are awesome; our point of view of this is the way they teach is the best way for all students.  They walk through all the class all the time, they ask you personally if you need help, also when they are explaining  they get all exited of what they are saying and this excitement can be passed to students, and of course this reflects on their grades in an excellent way. Active teachers are always there for you, they try to help even in non-school hours.  But there are some students that hate these teachers because they are really hyperactive. They get on their nerves and they can’t even do their work nor concentrate. So we think that active teachers should control themselves sometimes.

    Teacher explaining class work personally to a student at AWC. September 2013
    Teacher explaining class work personally to a student at AWC.
    September 2013
  • Informational Teachers: Informational teachers are currently the most active in their jobs. They do the best job; they use multiple supplies such as power points, movies, and worksheets. These types of teachers are the intimidating kind for students and explain too much at the same time. These teachers expect students to comprehend what they’ve learn during the lesson. On the other hand giving too much information can cause confusion or frustration in students.

Interview: Teacher (B)

1Q.  What kind of students do you like to work with (type of students could you teach most effectively)?

 (a)    Anybody, however I prefer to have remedial students to encourage them to learn and naughty children in preference to show them anyone is capable of learning.

2Q.  What techniques do you use to keep students actively involved during the lesson?

(a)    Having lots of humor, be active/move around the classroom to help students, fun activities that include movement and make sure they understand why is it important to learn the lesson.

3Q.  What personal strengths do you find especially helpful in your teaching.

(a)    Sense of humor, listen to any kind of student with an open heart no matter what age.

This following video shows how to survive a “bad” teacher.


The difference between Good and Bad Teachers— Dr. Leon Robinson a Petroskill instructor constituted the characteristics of effective teachers and those who are not.

The Power of Being a Human— Jeremy Scott Lambert a professional intuitive, healing practitioner and teacher has wrote about the philosophy and the values of being an effective teacher.

Written by: Estrella Granados, Airam Chaira, Carla Cervantes, Martha Herrera (Eng. 101 – 211)


26 thoughts on “The Power Of Teachers

  1. It is great to know the differing opinion of fellow students about our professors. A suggestion for this article would be to, proofread and base the sentences a little bit more off of logic instead of personal experience. For example, what i mean by logic is; an “active teacher” is listed, but in the next heading (informational teacher) we get a type which is claimed to be even more active. Also, the first sentence under the first heading threw me off “We as students should never judge a teachers technique in teaching because in situations teachers might be sick that day.” Does this mean that we shouldn’t judge a teacher when they are sick, because that could make them feel worse? Does this sentence belong under the correct heading? Clearing up these confusions could potentially improve your blog post.

  2. Kimberly Esqueda

    Very true! i truly agree about those different types of teachers. But i believe that teachers shouldn’t like us, they are here to teach us they are not our parents.

  3. norman lintz

    Very informative and yes a few of the titles are mixed together active and informative and active goes together on a lot of professors there are so many different teaching styles and too many students and opinions to try and please.A teacher is to respect,learn from and look up too not your parent etc. we have all had good and bad but most of us have had a few lucky outstanding teachers who really love there jobs those are the ones you want.

  4. Abel Guiza

    Pretty interesting facts about the different teachers. One thing i would have maybe talked about would have been about Substitutes, they work as regular teachers too, its just an opinion.

  5. Very good information about the differing types of teachers. I believe that this a very important subject. I thought it was also good that you added the interviews with the teachers. However you probably could have included interviews with a few students, getting their opinions on teachers, to coincide with the teacher interviews. As I think a few students opinions would be important to add.

  6. Denise Munoz

    Great topic and nice facts. It is very informative and organized. Interviewing students would give us a different side to this topic.

  7. Carmen Lizarraga

    I didn’t like the wording of the blog. I felt of sense of negativity on the comments. I would like it if you will include and provide information on how the professors are well educated and with how many students they deal with on a daily basis. Talking about myself I have received great knowledge and respect from my professors. I didn’t sense respect towards the professors on this blog.

  8. paolajauregui

    I really liked the topic you guys chose its very creative and fun to read. I believe you guys should proof read a bit more, for example the first sentence under the category of “movie teachers” I believe you guys could rephrase it somehow to make it more clear. nice job

  9. Carlos Garcia

    Very good Blog! I really like how your group decided to take this challenge, and describe the ways teachers are, but we cannot overlook that, because they all have different techniques of teaching.

  10. Herminia Garcia

    Very good info provided, really liked that guys talked to an actual teacher for an interview. The pictures of the teachers doing their job were good, and made it more reliable.

  11. Miriam Villarreal

    I really enjoy the way the blog was organized and how the teachers were categorized. In order for others to understand more about your topic, you may want to include an interview with a student to get their point of view.

  12. Jose Dominguez

    You could be more descriptive about what you mean in each kind of teacher. Be more specific about their characteristics.

  13. Patricia Meza

    I find good points and facts. Could be interesting what students might say on what kind of teachers they have learned more. Some students interview would definitely had improved the article.

  14. ja918

    I would like to see more facts and opinions on what students have to say about the teachers in order for it to be a finer blog post. A video of your own will also be amazing. Atte: Jessica Ayon 🙂

  15. Is English your second language? Perhaps my question has been asked & answer already, but I don’t have time to read all the blogs or watch the videos.
    I really liked the way you explained the different teaching styles of teachers.

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