Stay awake during a boring class

By Reyna Morado, Jamye Diaz & Aidali Quintero

As you may know most of the students think classes are boring just for the things they hear or things like that instead of paying attention they just sleep on the classroom. There are many ways you can stay awake during class and not falling asleep. Some examples of it are giving yourself some energy before class, get up and move inside or outside classroom, usage of websites and be actively participating in class.

A student eating in Criminal justice class

A student eating in Criminal justice class

      First of all, giving yourself some energy and caffeine before class starts is a good way you can pay attention to the teacher. Also, there are some things you can bring to college, such as; fruits, chips, cereal bars, snacks bars, or any other food you can think of. If you do not want to bring anything from home, you can bring some money and take out something for the snack machine. The best choice is to bring food from your house unless you do not like it.

A good source of energy for class

For example, you may get up and do some movements outside the classroom, so you do not distract other students. One of the things you can do are going to the restroom and doing your needs. Also another movement you can do is exercising outside the classroom. By stretching your arms, neck or legs. The most common and popular is by sharpening your pencil and relaxing all muscles. Throwing your trash can give you some movements and keep you out of the anxiety to sleep.

Student using a smartphone in class

Meanwhile, this is not really recommended because these are thing you should not do during class. One of them is  Facebook. This is one of the most things students do to entertain themselves. Text messages is another useful way to get distracted because you could be texting with someone else that is not in class and it is not related with. Sometimes whispering with another classmate distracts you and keeps you awake. You should may know that you also distract other students. Keep in mind that you may get in trouble with the professors if you get caught doing these things because you are not allowed to do it during class unless you are in break.

Taking notes is a good way to entertain you

Finally, be actively participating in class makes you stay awake during the whole class. You could take some notes and it would be great for your future tests or homework. It keeps your mind busy. Paying attention to the teacher could help for not falling asleep and sometime the professors say interesting things and at the end they could ask you questions or you could ask them questions about the topic or about something you did not understand. Those are some good active things you could do, instead of using websites or those kinds of sources to keep you awake.

As you could see during this process there are many things you can do instead of falling asleep during class. We could start applying them in a boring class.

Those are some other tips how to stay awake in class, just see if works with you.


6 thoughts on “Stay awake during a boring class

  1. Jesus Fragozo

    I like the fact that it explains specifically how to stay awake in a boring class. For example, eating a snack or drinking water even being on your phone can be a good way to stay awake. I think there could be another better way to stay awake in class other than being on your phone because you can get too distracted in the phone and not pay attention.

  2. Luis Huerta

    What I liked about this post is to bring water to class because it keeps you awake if your class is boring and gives you the energy you need.
    What I recommend in order to improve this blog post is to give other helpful tips that don’t distract you, because if you are talking or on facebook it wouln’t be helpful for you.

  3. jordana monroy

    I found everything very well explained,i like that they give tips for students so they dont fall asleep in class.In the second paragraph,I think that they shouldnt repeat the same thing over and over again.They could improve the second paragraph by using other words and not repeat the same thing.

  4. Eddie Piceno

    There are many way to stay up during a boring class and this blog has some really useful tips. I have heard of many ways to stay up in class from putting tabasco sauce in your eyes to chewing gum but this blog has some really good tips of what to do in the given situation. I like how this blog states the vending machine outside of class.

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