AWC Math Tutoring

Math decorating a chair in tutoring (September 30, 2013)

Arizona Western College learning center in San Luis AZ provides free tutoring services for all AWC students. There were some concerns that arose from visiting the tutoring center that the service is not doing things to its best potential; this is a comparison and thoughts on how the tutoring program is successful and on how it could improve.

Why should students attend math tutoring? The importance of the math tutoring program: Math is usually the most problematic subject for students because it is complicated and difficult. It is important for students who are having problems with their math class to attend tutoring to help them improve their grade since they will receive one-on-one assistance where the tutors will answer any of the students’ concerns. AWC tutoring services could help on improving students’ grades and there should be more encouragement to attend.

A few students in the tutoring session (September 30, 2013)

How can we increase the number of students to attend tutoring? According to the math tutor Jesus Cervantes, there is only approximately 5 students who attend tutoring daily, “but when there’s going to be a test 10, 15 students show up” he mentioned in a jokingly manner. So how can we get more students to attend tutoring? “Perhaps teachers could hold an “extra credit” kinda thingy, for students, to encourage them to attend tutoring or give the tutoring sessions more display” suggested Jesus Mendez, a current AWC student. Which brings to a good point, teachers could start assigning extra credit options to improve their grades by attending tutoring, which will increase the amount of students attending tutoring while at the same time helping them get better grades. Teachers could also make it mandatory or an assignment to go to tutoring at least once a month for a grade, which could help out a lot of students who are too shy to go on their own.

Atmosphere and Locations: There are two tutoring locations in San Luis AZ, one is located in the AWC learning center at 1340 N 8th Avenue, the tutoring service is held inside of the Writing Center in room 109. The tutoring service being held inside of a writing center almost seems irrelevant, since math and English/writing are two completely things, that is one of the downsides of the tutoring service in the learning center. The tutoring room is a basic classroom with desks, a big white board, and four computers for students to use if in need. Usually when you enter the classroom, it is really quiet and with only a few students and only one math tutor available. The other one is located in San Luis Middle school at 1135 N Main St. This tutoring center is a little bit smaller, it basically is in the front office where you can see educator’s offices with a big conference table, there are no computers available for the math tutoring in San Luis Middle School, and there is one tutor available. At last, the negatives are that the writing center and math tutoring are held in the same place, which might appear that math isn’t taken as seriously. “I think they should just call it a tutoring center and generalize it more. Like providing a few more tutoring genres and from there expand a bit” added Jesus Mendez, while discussing the options to improve the math tutoring service.

What is the quality of the math tutoring service? The quality of the math service is very helpful according to various students who were interviewed. “He is a great tutor. I hate being here, but he helps me learn way more than my actual teacher,” said Nancy, a student at AWC who visits the math tutoring center on a regular basis. There is only one math tutor available at this location, which means tutoring is limited to only a few students. Therefore, another negative aspect of tutoring is that there is only one tutor in each center which will limit the number of students attending.  The tutor helps one student with a problem and moves to the next student while the other student works on his problem, then he goes back to the student to check on how well they did.

What is the tutoring schedule? Tutoring is widely available throughout the week. It is a schedule that may accommodate most people, but not all. Tutoring services are not provided after 7pm and that might be a problem for students who work, or can’t make it to day time tutoring so that is definitely something that should change, maybe they could have one day that the tutors stay late to make the schedule a little more flexible to all students.

Mon- 9.00am-4.00pm

Tues 11.00am-5.00pm

Wed 11.00am-7.00pm

Thurs 11.00am-5.00pm

Fri     9.00am-1.00pm

Sat and Sun closed



24 thoughts on “AWC Math Tutoring

  1. Thank you for the information. A way to improve your blog would be a little bit more or proofreading to prevent mistakes such as the one in the second sentence under the heading “ATmoshpere and locations” it says that math and english are “two completely things”, maybe what it should say is “two completely different things.

  2. norman lintz

    Great post I can say I have used the math tutoring I found it an issue at the Somerton campus were only one tutor for 5 students sometimes are more depends on the exams etc.Not enough room are tutor there I would say the same for the SLLC too dont know asking

  3. Good information for students who may not know about the math tutors. However it could have included the names of the tutors and an interview with one. With another revision to catch those grammatical errors.

  4. Denise Munoz

    Good information, I liked that you included operating hours. Writing more about the pros and cons would make it more interesting.

  5. Carmen Lizarraga

    The information presented is quite interesting. A few spelling errors. Excellent topic. I believe this is another excellent resource available to us and we all should take advantage of it.

  6. Carlos Garcia

    Good information! I would have liked to see, if you go to Math tutoring and give us your opinion about it, also the interview would have looked much better if you separated it, and not make it look like a paragraph, because it looks boring that way. Do you think Math tutoring does help students succeed?

  7. Herminia Garcia

    The info provided was very organized, just little grammatical errors needs to change. The pictures really helped that you guys took the time to go, and experienced the atmosphere.

  8. Miriam Villarreal

    Great blog! Good job in the organizing, it was entertaining and very informative. Perhaps you may include whether the tutors will also be helping students in other subjects, which may interfere with the students trying to prepare for an upcoming math exam. Also, adding information about how one can get involved in becoming a math tutor (since it appears very needed) could help people who are interested.

  9. This blog has a lot of great information! I think it’s great but maybe it could use a revision. Otherwise, I really like the information you provide and should definitely check out the math tutoring.

  10. Alejandro Munoz

    This could be very helpful to students, knowing their active hours and how tutors, yet more of them are needed. Great post and good writing.

  11. Patricia Meza

    It great that the Post focus in one small and unnotted place such the Math Tutoring Center. A few spelling errors and it would help if the instructional tutoring hours were included.

  12. ja918

    Again, many people are missing a video of their own making. Other than that, is was an enjoyable blog post. I did not know I was in one of your images lol Atte: Jessica Ayon 🙂

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