Not Just a Room

By: Jonathan Diaz, Jesus Mendez, Jesus Felix – (The Group of J’s)

ENG 101-212

Students hanging out the available space provided in the San Luis campus, 2013.

College, a place to learn and work towards your future career goals and gain social interaction experiences. The AWC which is the community college has various campuses throughout the Yuma County. The branch here in San Luis, AZ is not as big as the main campus, the lack of places to kill time, hang out with friends, or even study has an impact when most student collide in the main office. This comes into much more consideration when the high school next door brings their seniors to be freshmen to take their proper tests for their next year in college; Creating a barricade of people all around the main office lacking the space to even walk by. We strongly believe that our branch requires more areas for current students to study and socialize while remaining in campus. For example, a game room filled with air hockey or pool tables in the middle of the room and TVs mounted on the walls along with tables around the room. Or a study room where there was more than one person helping you out with every question that arises in your studies and that has the time of listening to your questions.

Students enjoying college life in the University of Montana game room, 2005.
Students enjoying college life in the University of Montana game room, 2005.

How awesome is this? To see more about this cool game room click here.

Un-Synched thoughts?

Although not all students would agree that a recreational or game room is fundamental in the quality of life for students and staff at the AWC San Luis campus. Even some would even go as far as to say that the construction of such rooms is a “waste of money and space” was the solid answer of Perez an AWC student who wishes to remain anonymous but has a good three years attending college. Although it may seem too “wasteful” to use it on a game room let it come to a least of a room for studying or hang out room for social interactions or at least get away from the main office, but the outcome would not be a waste of space nor money. In fact it would improve the educational quality of the school and students life because not everything in life is learned in a classroom. Sometimes ideas come to you in the most unexpected places, and where else would that unexpected place be other than a game room or a random encounter in it?

Judging solely on the word “Game” instead of “Room” might be a killer for this argument and we took heavy notice on it. Even found evidence regarding this how some game rooms are closed for the lack of usage and maintenance; However that isn’t the case here. How so? Well for starters, those colleges and universities had a much larger campus to enjoy while here is just a sole building sharing the local High School and Elementary School. While not everyone will see it in our light there are people out there that are grateful for what they were provided. Some even took it to the next level making a College Gaming 101 article. You can check it out here if you are interested —-> [Click Me]

It can’t be that ban can it?

Having a blast and enjoying the college experience with your friends pretty much sums everyone’s ideal college life, but not at AWC San Luis campus. The following images should describe why the absence of a game room or study room affects the quality of students’ life on campus. As well as exactly what students do before or after class while they are on campus in San Luis.

Students hanging out the available space provided in the San Luis campus, 2013.
Students hanging out the available space provided in the San Luis campus, 2013.

This might not be what you imagined huh? Just a couple of leather sofas –which always seem to be occupied– in the main hallway while students are making conversation standing around waiting for class. You also see the two picnic tables where if you don’t smoke, you get lung cancer either way for people smoke there anyways. And many times this can be irritating and discomforting for students who are forced to sit outside because of the insufficient space available. Okay the whole cancer-smoking thing might have been an exaggeration but it’s truly unacceptable to have to go through such experiences. Not just that, but for the students who attend AWC in San Luis have to sit outside on the heat that is sometimes just unbearable. Now imagine when the next door high school brings over their students. It becomes a cluster of people inside as much as outside.  To maintain all that there is only  a couple of randomly placed furniture compared to decent college recreational rooms like the ones on main campus or other colleges/universities provided can prevent many situations like this.

This here is our gaming room over in the Yuma Main Campus.

What better way to describe than with still photographs?

The the famous game room in AWC Main campus!
The the famous game room in AWC Main campus!

The goal is not to get a deluxe five star place for everyone, rather than that to give people a place to hang out and de-stress from class or simply meet new faces. The room itself is pretty simple and one doesn’t ask for complexity here just a place that can archive the same purpose as this one. The room itself isn’t as fancy or complex as one can think it might be but is sure does get the job just right to fit its given purpose.

Specially if compared to other schools, this is a far fetched dream. So why not grant a lesser version of the main campus room at least for people in the San Luis branch?

Jonathan Edwards College "Social Room". 2013
These guys even have a workout room integrated within their “Social Room!”Jonathan Edwards College. JED Social Room. 2013

This strips this college (even if it’s a branch) of all the “college life experience”. Making or forcing all students to return home or play the waiting game instead of making use of all the assumed practice for our expected college life. How can anyone enjoy their dream or lifelong prepared for college life when there is nothing to enjoy? True, this is but a small branch but do we not deserve at least a small portion of this to try and enjoy our time and place even further effort within our college?

Everyone’s Final thought with a BANG! 

Based on various interviews performed at a total of four individuals (some who wished for anonymity), there was a conclusion that a game room or study room is vital to the quality of life for students, but other alumni believe it’s a waste of money. At the AWC campus in San Luis there is nothing much to do based on the lack of space provided for out of class activities. Due to the fact that there is no space, the college is limiting the students from diversion while they are on campus. On the AWC campus in San Luis there are two computer rooms and one meeting room which is all of the rooms available for clubs or after/before class activities. And sometimes the computer rooms aren’t even available because there are classes going on in them or the meeting room has been booked already.

There is no room that will always be at the students disposal for studying, doing homework, or simply kill time waiting for other classes.  When Gildardo Galaviz, an AWC student for Five years majoring in motorcycle mechanics, was asked what he does after class on San Luis campus he replied “Well, I tend to visit the game room or Starbu…” that’s when the ice was broken to him “only San Luis Campus”. With a dead tone in his voice and disappointment on his face he simply replied “Oh …… Go home.” a simple and short answer with no meaning behind it. Now, when that same person was asked what he did on the AWC main campus he replied with much more enthusiasm about the subject. Gildardo responded with the missing enthusiasm drained from before by answering “Well, visit the game room or Starbucks to enjoy the atmosphere!” he sounded glad to have had classes in the Main Campus that allowed him to stay not just for learning but also for peace and enjoyment. And that’s what the campus at San Luis should aim for, a better environment where students are encouraged and feel excited about going to college.


24 thoughts on “Not Just a Room

  1. Keven Urbina

    Humorous blog, it was a pleasant read! One suggestion, to aid in the flow of your sentences would be to remove excess words from various locations such as “even” in the second sentence of the first paragraph under the heading “Un-synched thoughts”.

  2. Kimberly Esqueda

    Great job! it would be nice if we could have all this at SLLC. How does it affect us in SLLC not having this type of room?

  3. Patricia Meza

    A good blog, but it does not give me the same sense or point of view as a reader, I do understand your point of having a game or waiting room for the students to spend their between time from classes to classes but what is exactly that you are proposing?

  4. norman lintz

    As for your blog it was very informative but why was no game room put in at any of the satellite campuses not in budget etc.And maybe the college board did not see it as a issue doe to main campus has one readers would like to know why?

  5. Abel Guiza

    Pretty good information but it you could have provided more information on the AWC San Luis budget to understand the “waste of money” quote stated.

  6. You guys had good pictures and the video added to it. I think the topic is a good idea, but SLLC is a small college. Maybe you could have discussed the schools budget or perhaps a fundraiser type of thing to get one put in our school.

  7. Denise Munoz

    Good topic. I loved how you connected with your audience. Maybe stating a solution and not making it so general would help.

  8. Dalia Ayala

    This is a very interesting blog it would be fun to have a game room in SLLC. I would like to know your opinion to this problem, maybe how to make a game area or a solution to it.

  9. Miriam Villarreal

    Indeed it is a good idea to include such a room, but you can include reasons the college has to why it hasn’t been built yet or where in the college could the room be located.

  10. paolajauregui

    Good blog, you guys offered a good argument on why there SHOULD be a game room in our campus and it is very convincing. Other than that i believe you could include a couple of interviews on what students thought of the idea. great job 🙂

  11. Carlos Garcia

    Good Blog, but in reality this is a small campus, and a gaming room would just take space, but you guys should have made up a way or give ideas on how to make one here.

  12. Herminia Garcia

    Great blog! I thought the ideas you guys had for a rec room were good. You guys did a great job on the topic that had very little info to make something of.

  13. I really like the way the blog is broken up. It makes it so much easier and enjoyable to read. However, I agree with the previous comments. Maybe give your own ideas on where this room would go and how we can afford it?

  14. Ricardo Carranza

    Very interesting. I agree that a game room would make waiting for your next class fun. Maybe your group should interview a couple of more people.

  15. Ana Curiel

    I loved the photos and you guys have good ideas but I think it lacks information. You guys could have taken it a step further.

  16. Awesome pictures I had no idea that AWC main campus had these game rooms. It would be nice to have it here at SLLC but, there is absolutely no space maybe adding to your blog information of budgets, etc. Is it possible to have one here?

  17. Alejandro Munoz

    exellent job! but you might want to change words in your paragraphs, so it could make a lot more sense. Very fun to read.

  18. ja918

    Maybe a higher quality of the images shown in our college would improve your post. In terms of the organization, it was really decent. Atte: Jessica Ayon 🙂

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