Our academic advising department

Keven Urbina

Gustavo Jacuinde

Alejandro Munoz

ENG 101-211

In figure 1, Group member Keven Urbina is shaking hands with Arnold Trujillo, after a successful interview at the San Luis learning Center on September 19, 2013.

Do you wonder what counselors are like at AWC SLLC (better known as academic advisors in the college realm)? Most of us have probably asked ourselves what the advisors will be like, and some may have gone as far as questioning their potential importance. Some of them would look like they do not even care about your problems. Through this post, we will establish a firm definition of “academic advising” and delve into advisors’ involvement with the students.

An academic advisor does just that, what their title proclaims. They are here to provide guidance when we are navigating through the vastness of career options. According to our very own college’s website, our advisors are “guiding students into, through, and beyond their college experience”. To eliminate any potential confusion, academic advisors are not counselors who offer therapy.

We must realize that all evaluation is based on criteria. We used criteria for recognizing the usefulness of our academic advisors. You might ask “what is the criteria?, what makes it neutral?” Our criteria is specific: advisors must offer good solutions, demonstrate a sufficient level of experience, and maintain a relationship that they feel will aid the student. The Arizona Western College website introduces and defines to the public what our “academic advisement services” are about and how it works. It mentions that students are taught to discover their interests, explore their options, create their college experience, and prepare their future. (click here, to read for yourself.) We also found online, that our state’s university “University of Arizona” shares a similar definition for the purposes of academic advising (compare them by clicking here). It seems that there is a general census among colleges and universities about what academic advising is, and that there are not any “specialized” advisors who exercise abilities that the other doesn’t. (To further compare our intrastate colleges with another university’s opinion, watch this video.)  Not only through the internet can we demonstrate the utilities of the advisors but also through personal experiences, like the ones which follow.

An advisor must offer good solutions, to be in accordance with the set criteria. To “offer good solutions” is a broad phrase, but that is because the problems for which we seek these solutions, can be of various descents. A student may require assistance with college planning, explanation for program requirements, and explanation of the college process, and their career paths. An effective advisor will help you to organize your academic life, and guides you in the right direction when it comes to transfers, residence, plan your schedule, scholarships, and clubs. Upon initial visit to the academic advisor’s office, a certain group member initially scored very low on the math placement test… an advisor suggested, and also encouraged him to re-take it, then what do you know? The student scored higher and qualified for a higher math class than he originally was qualified for.

Another attribute that conforms to our criteria for academic advisors, is that the advisor demonstrates sufficient level of experience on subjects. By this, we do not mean that we expect them to have been working for historical periods of time, but rather that they are familiar with college process, requirements for our career paths, and that they can get us to where we want to be. It is essential for the advisor to know what it is like to be a college student, and to be aware of our demands. An academic advisor should know the definition of terms, such as AGEC and credit hours, and also recognize steps in the career options, so that they can explain it to curious and prospective students. Our group members have sought the advisor’s help when choosing classes, and when we went to them we definitely were attended with suggestions for classes and direction in our career paths. When we sought them for a request to interview, they were more than pleased to grant us the opportunity and they answered our questions thoroughly, enthusiastically. There is reason to state that we have academic advisors who know their stuff.

Are the advisors friendly? Will they try to be my friend? Of course, the advisors won’t bite.  Although, when compared their answers to each other, some of our advisors differ in opinions on “whether to be your friend or not.” This should not be misunderstanding, keep in mind that this provides diversity in your academic experience. Besides, it is not like the college faculty members are a group of white-collar automatons. Our academic advisors allowed us to interview them, which demonstrates their mindfulness and trust towards our needs. The interview yielded (among many other things) an opinion which differed in the two advisors. The question was “Should academic advisors build a friendly relationship with students?” The answers were: according to Arnold Trujillo an Academic Advisor at the AWC San Luis Learning Center to “Just keep it as professional as possible” and by Maria Guzman, Academic Advisor at AWC San Luis Learning Center, “Yes… it has been proven statistically that retention rate of the student increases.” The diversity in opinions, are not at all negative, in fact maybe such an arrangement can be great, because it proves them to be flexible.

The advisors at AWC SLLC are unified in the sense that, they are here for us (the students) to use as resources. Prospective students should have no fear to give an advisor a visit, so they can initiate their descent into the college realm. The advisors are a special tool to our success, and will aid us in any way they are suited for, in order for us to reach our goals. Visit your advisor regularly, they will help you do well and they might just have more answers than you think. Success will be more likely if students follow their advice.

In figure 1, Group member Keven Urbina is shaking hands with Arnold Trujillo, after a successful interview at the San Luis learning Center on September 19, 2013.
In figure 1, Group member Keven Urbina is shaking hands with Arnold Trujillo, after a successful interview at the San Luis learning Center on September 19, 2013.
Figure 2 displays the entrance to the Academic Advisement department at the San Luis Learning Center.


27 thoughts on “Our academic advising department

  1. Liz Lipumano

    I love the video blog. It helps me refresh my memory on why having an academic advisor is important. I think you guys should have spread out your pictures within the blog and not have the blog and then the pictures and video at the end. It will help the blog review look more catchy.

  2. Kimberly Esqueda

    Great job! but I also agree that you guys should have organized your pictures and video in between your blog to make it look more fun and interesting.

  3. Rai Quintero

    Great job guys! It is a very interesting blog and it is very informative. 🙂 Next time try to have more pictures it would make your blog more interesting

  4. Patricia Meza

    Great information given and well word choice very entertain to read, A Big down that the photos where not integrated in the middle of the composition or next to each paragraph.

  5. norman lintz

    Now I can say I understand the advisers role better at AZ Western College and it does make since in somethings but i believe they should also be part of the checks and balance on campus with there students and a lot of people are students would respond better to them as a whole.

  6. Abel Guiza

    This blog is very interesting but i would have like it if you guys talked more about who are the advisors(all) and a little bit of background on them.

  7. Carmen Lizarraga

    I think the blog is well written. I wound of like to know how many counselors do we have on campus and their business hours.

  8. I really enjoyed the blog, and the video. They both contained a lot of useful information. Just one thing that could of helped, if you added a couple of pictures to break up the text in the beginning.

  9. Denise Munoz

    This was great, very clear information. Perhaps putting the pictures in the middle of paragraphs would make it more interesting?

  10. Miriam Villarreal

    The blog contained great information as well as the video. Providing more information about our academic advisors such as their office hours will allow others to know more about their presence at our college.

  11. paolajauregui

    This blog was interesting it was clear on what academic advisement AWC offers to students. I believe adding the hours the counselors are available would help out your blog.

  12. Carlos Garcia

    Great Job! To me this blog was very useful, since I am not one who goes to an advisor, but will start going. I hoped you had made it a little more interesting, by organizing your pictures, because it seemed kind of boring.

  13. Herminia Garcia

    I really enjoyed this blog, especially you guys cemented the idea well, since you interviewed an actual AZ western consular. I would have liked that you separate the video and pictures. Great Blog!

  14. Wow! This is so true. I don’t normally go very often to the counselors but now I see I should. I would only suggest you place the pictures in between the paragraphs to break up the text a little more.

  15. Estrella Granados

    Excellent grammar, and organization! It seems a fair blog that looks on both sides but mostly looked on the good side. For example, it is not a bad idea going to your ad-visors frequently.. but sometimes your ad-visors can’t help you on some academic decision you may only do. However, I love the potential the blog has too much information, which is great!

  16. Jose Dominguez

    Awesome blog, the pictures need organizing and the links would look better if they were just embedded into the paragraphs and not in parentheses, but outstanding other than that.

  17. Ricardo Carranza

    Great post. Our academic ad-visors are very useful and helpful.Maybe you guys should organize the pictures other than that it was good.

  18. This is an excellent topic that concerns us all and is very well tackled. I would change the phrases (click here, to read for your self) or (…,watch this video) being in bold red letter already invite you to click the link.

  19. ja918

    In order to improve this blog post, the only thing that you could have done is to make a video of your own. I enjoyed your guys’ presentation without a doubt. It was really entertaining. Atte: Jessica Ayon 🙂

  20. Maria Guzman

    I think that you guys provide relevant information about Academic Advising. Program Evaluation (in your WebAdvisor) is a great tool to know your process and plan for next semester classes. More importantly is that you meet with your advisor several times during the semester to answer any question you may have about tutoring, program requirements, scholarships, clubs, work-study, job shadowing, etc. If we do not have the answer, we will help you find it. Thank you

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