San Luis Learning Center Layout

Abel Guiza, Arturo Cordova,

Ricardo Carranza, Miriam Villarreal

English 101-212

Are branch college campuses supposed to be as big as the actual college? What might be the advantages or disadvantages for students, teachers or staff members? Here at the San Luis Learning Center we have different expectations as well as perspectives about the structure and size of the building. The San Luis Learning Center, constructed in 2007, is located aside from San Luis High School and it’s a single building in which a good quantity of students attend each day. For some of us the size of this college is advantageous, and for other students it might not be quite as beneficial but instead unhelpful. Students, as well as teachers and staff members, have different opinions about this particular subject that we have to deal with day by day.

San Luis Learning Center Plaque Monday September 30,2013.
San Luis Learning Center Plaque Monday September 30,2013.

For a college standing right next to the only high school here at San Luis, Arizona and being completely enclosed by its territory, it disables the possibilities for expansion. It does however; contain its entire classrooms and offices inside the building. It holds 9 classrooms, a conference room, a front desk, small offices for councilors, a testing room, a technician’s room, one set of restrooms for men and women, and two computer labs. Each classroom has a maximum capacity of approximately 30 stude

A student’s comfort level at a school may be determined generally by the structure and the capacity a building with holds. Being a small school the ease of access you have with teachers becomes greater, as well as your comfort level in a classroom. A first year student right out of high school might find it comfortable at a small college campus within their hometown rather than large colleges’ miles away.

San Luis Learning Center Tuesday September 17, 2013
San Luis Learning Center Tuesday September 17, 2013

We as a group conducted interviews to know what students and staff members thought about the San Luis Learning Center.  Some of the responses were negative towards the design but others were positive.  The majority of the people interviewed stated that the San Luis Learning Center branch should be expanded at least a little.  Maria Guzman a counselor from SLLC stated, “If we had a bigger campus here we would have more students attending classes.  This design is easy and convenient for students to get around with but it should be larger.”   As stated the San Luis Learning Center is mainly one single hallway with beneficial classrooms, but if we had a larger building we would have more classes provided to students.  “It will provide less time and gas millage to us students to drive all the way to the Main Campus,”   quoted Micaela Solis, a 19 year old Arizona Western College student.  The design of SLLC should be beneficial to everyone that’s attending it in whatever way.  Students and staff need to feel comfortable in the environment where they’re learning and teaching at.

A small college isn’t all bad. In fact you could have benefits that a bigger college campus wouldn’t have. A benefit such as not being late to your next class since it’s only a couple of feet away. If you live in Southwestern Arizona you know that during the summer the heat can get pretty extreme.  A larger campus would have you walking from building to building under the blazing sun to get to your next class. This way by having a small campus, getting to your next class in an air conditioned building is a breeze. Although many of whom we interviewed had negative things to say about a small college building, some did give us a couple of positives they believed a small college building had to offer. Jesus Gonzalez a student at AWC said, “Working a 9 to 5 job and being able to go home and relax before I go to class at 8 is great.” Professor Hager an instructor here at AWC said, “Yes SLLC is great for general studies.” A small college building like the one at San Luis, Arizona might be more beneficial for those trying to get an associate’s degree in general studies or have a job and are trying to improve at something.

Several students think about the disadvantages, yet seldom students think that this campus is beneficial. Here at the San Luis Learning Center we encounter different situation as to the building structure when we really have to have in mind the fun part of it. We students, teachers, and staff members are attending each day to this college and do not see both perspectives but only what we think and care about. This is our campus. Shouldn’t we start paying attention to the advantages instead of what isn’t beneficial?


27 thoughts on “San Luis Learning Center Layout

  1. Patricia Meza

    The information provided of the SLLC layout is very descriptive, but I would like to know what is the average of students attending on an every day basic?, may be a stated quote from some students who need to travel to Yuma to complete their associate degree or general studies.

  2. Keven Urbina

    It is great that this group gave both viewpoints on whether this is advantageous or harmful to students… it was mentioned that the SLLC would be beneficial for “those trying to get an associate’s degree in general studies” but who would it not be beneficial for? That is one detail that could improve your blog and present both viewpoints of that statement.

  3. Liz Lipumano

    Your blog is very informative and your video blog has a great visual of what the AWC San Luis Learning Center looks like.If you added a personal interview in your blog of someone attending if would help other students make that decision to attend that branch that live within that vicinity.

  4. Kimberly Esqueda

    The information provided is very helpful but it would be more convenient if you explained more about why it is less beneficial to have a small college.

  5. I found your blog very informative and interesting what a different from the other campus this one is the newest and people are more open to interviews.And why is it less beneficial having a small campus here?

  6. Rai Quintero

    I totally liked this post, it out stands your point of view and it is very convincing of why we should want a bigger campus, you guys should give more information of the actual school’s status about wanting to make the campus bigger.

  7. Dalia Ayala

    Very interesting blog, the video was very creative but maybe a view to the actual lot of the campus could make it more informative to the topic. Also, providing some ideas in which how the SLLC building would be better or how can it improve its construction.

  8. Carmen Lizarraga

    I found the blog to be very informative. I liked that you guys took the time to interview several people to get different perspectives. You guys did great, but you had some grammar and spelling issues.

  9. Ana Curiel

    I found the information you guys provided well organized and I like the interviews you made to provide different perspectives on the topic. You guys guys were fair and real.

  10. I thought that your blog was informative. But it left me wondering, as it did with others as well, do they plan on expanding SLLC? If they did we could have more classes available to us. Maybe some major classes as well.

  11. Denise Munoz

    Loved it. All of your ideas are clear and you state the pros and cons of your subject. What I would like to know is, are they planning on expanding the campus or leaving it the same?

  12. paolajauregui

    I really enjoyed reading this blog because it was very informative and it brought up good reasons of why they should expand the campus or leave it how it is. The only thing i had trouble following was if you guys are for or against expanding the college, but other than that, this is a well written out blog.

  13. Herminia Garcia

    It was full of info I thought it was very helpful. The picture and video were a great idea to see the the campus in a live setting.

  14. Alejandro Munoz

    It is very detail and like how students have the opportunity to get their associates. But could interview some students, and there were unfinished sentences. Great information.

  15. ja918

    For improvement, I would like you to check a little of the grammar and punctuation on your blog post. Also, maybe more of your interviews and research would look good in this. I really enjoyed the image and video 🙂 Atte: Jessica Ayon

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