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Have you ever found yourself struggling with homework or class assignments? Have you ever felt like you aren’t getting enough help from your professor? If you have ever felt this way then I am sure you have never visited the writing center. I recommend you visit the writing center located at the San Luis Learning Center. I am sure many students have not heard of it, since it was barely opened last semester. They should get the chance to go and get the help they need.

Writing Center Schedule

The service at the writing center is very good. When you enter the room you are to sign in so that you get called on in the order you came in. The tutors are always willing to help students with their assignments. They are to provide the best service for all the students that go there. The tutors are very nice and polite, they seem very eager to help students. Some students believe that if they go to the writing center, the tutors will do all the work for them, but THEY ARE WRONG! They will only help the students and explain to them so they can understand the subject better. After a couple of observations we gathered some information. Our group had two persons interviewed, a student and also a tutor. This was the students first time going there, so we asked her how she felt about the writing center. With a smile on her face she said “It’s my first time coming here, but up to this point it seems very helpful for me and I’m glad I came.”

The schedule is very complex because the writing center is open almost all college hours. It is open from Monday to Friday with mornings, afternoons, and evenings schedules. Depending on the schedule of some students, sometimes the writing center may be full at times. There are also exceptions depending on the work flow and the amounts of revising tutors have to do. These writing center hours are efficient for everyone and everybody should have a chance to go there. The writing center is located in San Luis Learning Center in room 109.

Tutors are very kind and helpful you will always have some kind of help from them for sure. Also, tutors know what they are doing and if they are not perfect writers they have elevated writing skills. Tutors are not there just for a paycheck, they actually want to help AWC students and they want students to improve. There are some limitations to the writing center, there is usually one tutor alone helping various students. It would make the writing center a much helpful place if there were more tutors to help more students. Me and my group interviewed one of the tutors here in SLLC and asked him if the writing center should be expanded, he responded:” yes, I think they should expand the writing center because the college is growing and therefore, there are more and more students who need help.”

The atmosphere is very calm and quiet. This helps students to focus better and get a clear understanding of what they are supposed to do. When you walk into the writing center you will walk into a very bright and learning environment. The atmosphere makes you feel comfortable as if you were at your own home. The tutors give the environment a very positive atmosphere, which makes it better for students to enjoy going. The room is not so big; I think it should be expanded, so that more students get the chance to visit the writing center. Sometimes it gets too crowded and this only makes students not want to go because they feel it’s a waste of their time. Other than that significant problem, the writing center is very useful for students and it should be used more often.

Overall, the writing center is a very helpful place which helps students get better at their writing skills. This writing center was provided to students so that they get help with their work. I believe students should take the advantage of this and make the best of their writing. If more students attended the writing center, then I think it would definitely be expanded. There should also be more tutors available for all the students to provide as much help as they can and not feel pressured by so many students.

Writing Center Schedule
Writing Center

For more information about the writing center visit this website


26 thoughts on “San Luis Writing Center

  1. Patricia Meza

    In the publication you mention that the tutoring center for SLLC is new, I would like see included of Why SLLC decided to open their writing center?. And also what are the benefits that students receive by attending to the writing center?

  2. Keven Urbina

    Very informative! Are the tutors not always able to assist everybody who goes? If thats the case, maybe the group can include it as a reason for expanding the writing center.

  3. Rai Quintero

    I think see blog gives a lot of information about the writing center and their work hours. Even thought you guys did explain everything about it, you guys lack the persuasive ideas to make us your audience attend the writing center.

  4. norman lintz

    Very informative and direct to the point I think they should have compared it to the writing center on main campus do they have the same issues do they need to be expanded there too?An I agree it is a great asset to students

  5. Abel Guiza

    I really enjoyed reading the Writing Center’s benefits. I would have liked if there was more information on who are the tutors and how they get to become those tutors.

  6. Carmen Lizarraga

    I liked the blog. I think is very important for all student to know we have a writing center that we can used in our advantage. I have personally use this resource and it has helped me a lot with my English essays. I would of liked if you guys would of included a picture of the writing center.

  7. I overall liked reading your guys’ blog. Just one thing I’d suggest though. Perhaps you could have added a couple of pictures of the writing center and a few of the tutors there to break up the text.

  8. Denise Munoz

    There was good information but it kept repeating. Perhaps a little more research would have helped and some pictures to make your blog look more vivid.

  9. Miriam Villarreal

    Some pictures would be a great addition to your paper and if it’s true that the writing center has recently been opened, adding a map can help a lot.

  10. paolajauregui

    The content of this blog was well thought out and it was informative and it is definitely encouraging students to attend the writing center. What i believe this blog would need would be maybe some titles, kind of like “schedule” or “the service” kind of thing before starting a new subject, to make it seem shorter instead of a blog full of text. nice job

  11. Carlos Garcia

    Very good information, but you guys could have put actual pictures of the writing center, and it could have been a little more detailed.

  12. Herminia Garcia

    I think this was very helpful and encouraging for people who still haven’t made us of the writing center, but i would have liked a picture of a one on one with a student ,and tutor together working on a paper.

  13. Ana Curiel

    Thanks for this information! Ive been given the opportunity of getting extra credit by attending the writing center but Ive always been too shy to ask. Thanks!!

  14. felix

    the info you guys gave was good but its all I could have gotten from the flyer they post up I went their and they were as lost as I was

  15. ja918

    I think this blog post is phenomenal, the only thing that I would add is a video of your own. Maybe a little tour through the writing center or a chat with the tutors in it; other than that, I see no mistake in the post. Atte: Jessica Ayon

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