You see? San Luis Learning Center is here!

Jessica Ayon, Ana Curiel, Vicente Gonzalez, Denise Muñoz English 101-211

Main entrance at the Arizona Western College, San Luis Learning Center, located in San Luis, AZ. September 2013.
Main entrance at the Arizona Western College, San Luis Learning Center, located in San Luis, AZ. September 2013.

How many of you have struggled getting to class on time? I know I have. How great would it be to have a college campus right in the comfort of your city? Thankfully Arizona Western College has provided San Luis Arizona with our own central campus which happens to be located right next to our local and only high school (San Luis High School)! Our San Luis Learning Center (SLLC) is located in 1340 N 8th Avenue, making our drives to school much faster, economic, and easier! I will be sharing some opinions and research that has been done about the aspects that you will find in Arizona Western College (AWC) throughout this blog post. Also, we will demonstrate the pros and cons that come within having a campus in-town.  We all might vary in our thoughts, so like I said we will provide various opinions based on interviews done. There are probably many other advantages and disadvantages to having a local campus so after reading this, feel free to share what things you think would enhance SLLC or what things you already enjoy about it!

Computer Lab A in SLLC. September 2013.
Computer Lab A in SLLC. September 2013.

Before having a campus in our border town, the residents/students of San Luis AZ had to drive for 45 minutes to get to the AWC main campus in Yuma , AZ; a city near ours. The most significant issue was the waste of money on gasoline. Students even had to carpool with friends or classmates to make a bit of saving on their money. We have to pay for courses, books, class materials, and many more school items. It gets way more complicated if you live on your own and are dependent from your parents. Even though you might work, you still have to pay the rent, bills, food, clothing, and on top of all that college. Life gets complicated and further more when you finally make it to college. Luckily, the campus provided a bus route (the Y-Cat) that took students from San Luis to the main campus. This was exceptional opportunity wasn’t so luckily at the end when unfortunately there were times in which there was struggle arriving on time. The bus would sometimes take longer and students would be late or even miss class as a result. Not only was that a problem but students had to figure out how to get back home.

Now, we would like to thank to the professors from AWC main campus, who come to us, getting a load off us San Luis students’ shoulders. Just by the simple task of saving money, and not going to Yuma to spend extra money gas can surely save your butt through a couple of extra weeks. Those who are residents in San Luis know how difficult it is to find a decent job. Money becomes a huge issue once you go into your career study. Someone agreed with us, Vanessa Espinoza a freshman at AWC, by saying, “Students don’t have to drive all the way to Yuma and it gives more people the opportunity to attend college.”

Now, we favorably have a campus at our city but there are still some issues going under; we have a small location where not many courses are available. Say you might be studying an unusual career and they do not offer the courses that are included into your career. That, my friend, just feels like a big stab in your studying heart. If they do not offer those courses that your career requires, you might have to go on to the main campus, which is about thirty-five miles away. One might even think in changing career to one whose courses are available on campus. It gets really tricky because, unlike high school, in university, you get to choose your own classes. You might not know what options to select, but that is what advisors are for. Even then, Levi Villicana a 5 year student at AWC said, “I think more advisors would be a good add on to benefit the campus.”

We believe one of the many pros of having a campus here in San Luis, for example, is you can focus on your study research/career and still be at home. Some people, when they flee toa faraway university, tend to get homesick and distracted from school grades. “As a freshman, I have to be honest and say I am not ready to leave my hometown to attend a faraway college since I haven’t completely matured”, said Vanessa Espinoza. On the other side, when your college is right in the town where you have been since child, comes in very handy. This can help you concentrate way more than you thought you could concentrate in something school related. Living in home can really bump your self-esteem and get you earning better grades than before. Thus, all this reasoning and home staying can come in pretty manageable to your college study.

To conclude, I would like to say on behalf of SLLC students that we do take advantage of the college location. There are much more beneficial aspects than negative ones to why having a local campus is simply delightful. My group and I had an excellent time interviewing, observing, and researching this amazing college building. I hope that you, my lovely blog reader, enjoy this as much as we did likewise. Arizona Western College, located in San Luis, comes to you as an inviting choice when selecting a community college. Overall, we highly recommend the attendance to this college, especially if you are a resident of San Luis AZ. Comments by the people who were interviewed like “I think it is a great environment to be in just like the one you find in the main campus”, or, “I really don’t see any cons of having a campus here.” We agree! There are so many things to take advantage of by having a college right in our small city called San Luis.

Here is a small video tour made by one of our group members.


So why not take a further look? Visit the college website. As the YumaSun Newspaper said: AWC a place of lifelong learning.


31 thoughts on “You see? San Luis Learning Center is here!

  1. Patricia Meza

    Thank you for the tour of SLLC. It is gratifying to know that we have an opportunity to continue with our education without leaving our hometown. The blog section is great, but as a student I would like what are the academically qualities that SLLC offers to new students who just graduate from High School?

  2. Keven Urbina

    It is great that this group considered the economic advantages for the students, to have a campus in San Luis and not have to drive to Yuma. Proof-reading and fixing those small grammatical errors would improve your blog.

  3. Liz Lipumano

    It is wonderful to know that where you live you can take classes without having to drive far to the main campus. Your video tour is very easy to follow which I love. All you need to fix is some grammatical errors in your blog.Everything else was awesome!

  4. awcgroupone

    The video was outstanding with the music and the little inserts ,I would have loved to seen what classes they do offer at this campus and you did cover all the transportation minus the taxis being used great job.

  5. Rai Quintero

    Great blog! You guys give much information for why having a campus here in San Luis is great 🙂 it makes all of us students appreciate more our campus. You guys should consider giving more information about transportation.

  6. Dalia Ayala

    Great tour and the classroom picture you included gives a better inter-view of the SLLC. This blog cover very informative statements about the college here in San Luis which is a great benefit. Also, many of us know that San Luis Middle School provided AWC classes, maybe some information about that would make it more informative about this city in whole.

  7. juan flores

    many people thing San Luis Learing centern has too many problems beacuse is an small place but they never thing that is very helpfully for those peole that live on san luis az . love the picture that was taking on my class

  8. Abel Guiza

    This blog lets us know that AWC is just around the corner. SLLC is very beneficial to all of us who attend it. I would recommend that some of the grammical errors should be fixed and this blog will be really great.

  9. Carmen Lizarraga

    Terrific work! I really like the pictures and enjoyed the video, but I believe you guys just focused on the good aspects of our campus and didn’t provide enough information on bad aspects. Overall I think you guys did a good job.

  10. I enjoyed reading your blog, I too agree that it’s good to have a school so close by and that the classes are limited. I think with another revision of your blog you would have caught those few grammatical errors.

  11. Miriam Villarreal

    Great job! The blog points out very important details that may encourage people to attend AWC SLLC, maybe adding more information about our transfer courses available could help either in the possibilities a small college like this can bring or in ways it may be lacking.

  12. paolajauregui

    This blog post was great and it showed a really good point on how important and what a difference it made to the students here in San Luis. The only thing I thought that you guys could add would be a little more description on the actual building, but that is just an opinion, nice job.

  13. Spenser Clark

    When first reading this, I wondered how you could catch my attention. Immediately after seeing how nice it would be to have a college right next to home made it a lot more real and drew me in. The blog really illustrates the opportunities and the success the SLLC has provided and i hope AWC continues their efforts to spread education to neighboring towns.! The only thing that jumps out to me are small grammatical errors that a little proofreading would solve and even though I don’t go there I really enjoyed this !

  14. Carlos Garcia

    It was a nice blog, but i would have liked to have seen pictures of the people you interviewed, because that would have made it more believable. Also, I would revise the essay, before posting it, and also the video, it was nice to see that you took time to actually make something, instead of getting it out of the internet.

  15. Herminia Garcia

    I thought the video,and pictures were really good, and help back up what you stated in your blog, but what would make it even better is just to fix little grammatical errors.

  16. I really like your blog and it’s true that a lot of people find it so much more convenient to have the SLLC nearby instead of having to go all the way to the main campus. The only suggestion I would make is to break up the text a little more by adding headings or pictures.

  17. Jose Dominguez

    The blog is great, but I feel like you can really see the difference in writing styles that the authors that contributed used and i feel the meging of the authors could be better. Also, minor grammatical errors.

  18. Estrella Granados

    ” How many of you have struggled getting to class on time? ” That is really a good eye catcher.. I’m impress on how the video quick tour help the readers know so much about the school

  19. I really enjoy your blog! You had great points in the blog the advantages to attend in your local college, this could encourage future students. It is definitely informative but, a few grammatical errors.

  20. I really like this blog. Gives good information on the importance that is to have a local college here in san luis az. and not having to drive all the way to yuma.
    only a few grammar problems.

  21. Alejandro Munoz

    It is great and economic to students who live in san luis and not to drive to yuma for one class. Well written and good details.

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