Vending Machines at Our College

Thomas Green, Elizabeth Lugo, Rita Moreno, Nayeli Manzo, Rosangel Gutierrez

English 101-211

Students using the vending machines at SLLC September 2013
Students using the vending machines at SLLC September 2013

As anybody that is a student here at the Arizona Western College, San Luis Learning Center (SLLC) that has ever gotten hungry or thirsty while at school knows, we have a few vending machines in our halls. There are four vending machines in total here at SLLC. A vending machine that offers a variety, although limited, of drinks, and a vending  machine that offers a variety, also limited, of edibles in each the left and right hallway of our campus. A quick walk down these hallways, with a little observation, you can see some students purchasing some of these products that the vending machines offer. While some of the other students completely ignore them.

What makes some of our fellow students use these vending machines and others not use them? What could be seen as good qualities about our vending machines? What could be considered bad qualities? How would our vending machines here at SLLC compare to other vending machines located at other colleges?


Food vending machine located at SLLC September 2013
Food vending machine located at SLLC September 2013
Beverage vending machine located at SLLC September 2013
Beverage vending machine located at SLLC September 2013

When we asked students and staff members what their opinions were about the vending machines we have, a student named Krizia Arreola (student at A.W.C. SLLC) said she “Liked them, but wished there were more and they had more variety.” When we asked staff member Natalie (front office staff at SLLC) she said “I don’t really care for them because of the hassles but it’s all that is offered.” Some of the things the vending machines here at SLLC have to offer is chips, cookies granola bars, nuts, and gum.  The drink vending machines have a limited variety of water, Gatorade and sodas. The students at SLLC would be happier if the campus had a wider variety of items. Items such as coffee, frozen products or healthier choices; for instance baked chips, dried fruits and a wider variety of granola bars; would positively contribute to making students think twice when deciding for a bag of Hot Cheetos or over a large variety of nutritional snacks. As for beverages we only get the options between a small variety of water, soft drinks or Gatorade. However it would be nice to have a wider variety such as; coffee, iced tea, and more brands of soda.  When we surveyed 25 students, 17 preferred Coke over Pepsi. Which, currently, our vending machines only contain Pepsi products. At Healthy Vending you can see many different options for healthier variety of food that we could definitely use here at SLLC.

Stocking of Vending Machines

The vending machines here at SLLC only get stocked once a month and if we are lucky, twice a month. If they were stocked weekly, students would have more variety of foods to choose from, as certain items seem to sell out more quickly than others. For students who spend most of their time here at SLLC, who have several classes a day, do not have the time to run to the nearest store, which happens to be a mile away. So having our vending machines stocked more frequently would be beneficial for the students.


Being a student and having to carry loads of books from class to class, the last thing you remember as you walk out the door is to grab some change. Having a change machine located near the vending machines, or if the vending machines accepted credit or debit cards would be very helpful as our vending machines only take one dollar bills and change. We do have one snack vending machine that takes credit cards, which is convenient but it would be nice if all of the vending machines came equipped with them. The SLLC front office, if we’re lucky, may have change on hand. But you might get stuck behind several other students which may take longer than the time you have before your next class starts. A good solution for this would be to place a change machine somewhere in the vicinity, or make credit vending machines more available.


Vending machines at San Luis Learning Center are privately owned, so refunds take time. Refunds seem to accumulate quite a lot on a daily basis. The front office will gladly take your name and the amount and write it on a post-it, shove it in a bag, and wait for the monthly stocking to come around, and eventually you will get your refund. When we asked Natalie (SLLC front office staff) she said “We can refund the students once a month and if we’re lucky twice a month when they are serviced and restocked”. However if these vending machines were owned by SLLC, refunds would more than likely be given that same day. Credit vending machines would also facilitate the refund process as some schools like Mott Community College offer vending I.D. cards and in case of errors someone can look up transactions and refund the money immediately.


Location of the vending machines in right wing of SLLC September 2013
Location of the vending machines in right wing of SLLC September 2013
Location of vending machines located in the left wing of SLLC September 2013
Location of vending machines located in the left wing of SLLC September 2013

The vending machines in San Luis Learning Center are conveniently located on both sides of the building. There is room for several friends to gather and talk around but you must stand as there is no seating provided near-by. Two picnic tables are provided outside of the building but San Luis weather is either too hot or too cold to sit out there. A couple of benches against the indoor walls would be a nice gesture. Something like what is offered at Sarah Lawrence College.


A  cartoon depiction money September 2013
A cartoon depiction of money taken from Google Images September 2013

Prices are very reasonable at our vending machines. Prices range from seventy-five cents to a dollar fifty, which is perfect for students on a budget. Although in our interview with Natalie (SLLC front office staff) she said she “Wouldn’t mind paying up to four dollars for some of the other options that vending machines, like the ones at UCLA, have to offer.”


             Now don’t get me wrong, after reading this blog you might think that I’m against our vending machines here at SLLC. That was not the intention of this blog post. The intention of this blog post was to get you, the fellow students here at SLLC, to take a closer look at our vending machines. The vending machines that you guys have walked past, and possibly used, a million times by now, unless you’re a freshmen. To take a look and see that yes it’s good that we at least have something offered to us.

But also that there’s a lot of vending machines at other colleges, like UCLA that offer more variety, and that offer better choices. Now I know that UCLA is a much bigger and better funded school, and that SLLC can’t possibly offer everything that UCLA can offer. But I do believe that we here at SLLC deserve more. That we deserve better. But maybe that’s just one blogs opinion. What do you, the fellow students at SLLC, think? What do you think we deserve?


27 thoughts on “Vending Machines at Our College

  1. Keven Urbina

    It was left unclear, to me, what a refund is. Maybe in a future revision you can clear this up. Does it mean your money will be refunded if the machine doesn’t dispense your product, or money will be refunded if you are not satisfied?

  2. Liz Lipumano

    I didn’t understand the refund part. It would be better if u guys explained it a little more. But your video blog was very informative and the pictures were great!

  3. Kimberly Esqueda

    I’ts a great blog, You guys clearly stated everything the vending machines have and how they are beneficial. I was also confused about the refund part, other than that it was great!

  4. Patricia Meza

    Interesting blog to read thank you. But one suggestion why not a link to the Mott Community College just like the link to UCLA. And find out the private owner and try to interview and ask questions.

  5. norman lintz

    Great post and lots of detail but a interview of the dean are building person in charge over it at the SLLC would have closed it better and explaining the pros and cons of different types and companies takes extra money and personal to your budget on owing machines etc.

  6. juan flores

    Very interesting post because we need alot if Vending Machines at Our College 100 % agrre on the post but not on the video because docent reflect on the post . dont like the video

  7. Abel Guiza

    This blog is very interesting to the information on the machines. I would have like it though if you guys compared it to other vending machines and also what are some of the foods people will like on there.

  8. Carmen Lizarraga

    I really enjoyed the pictures and the organization of the information provided. I believe this was a hard subject to talk about. I never thought you can say so much about our vending machines. Well done. Good and interesting opinions.

  9. Denise Munoz

    This was an interesting blog although it could have had a little more background on the vending machines. I like how putting healthier snacks in them was included, I never use them but if they were actually healthier I would probably take a second look.

  10. Dalia Ayala

    I like how the blog is organized and the main points of each paragraph is easy to spot. What I didn’t really understand is the UCLA statement, maybe adding a little more information about it or just stay on topic.

  11. paolajauregui

    I really liked how you guys added titles in bold before starting a new subject and how you guys placed the pictures. Although I was a little bit confused when you guys mentioned that more students prefer coke over pepsi, maybe it could be arranged in a different manner but it does bring a good point that there isn’t that much variation.

  12. Miriam Villarreal

    Great images! The blog itself was very entertaining to read because of how it was organized. One thing that you may like to consider is trying to get an interview with the actual owner.

  13. Carlos Garcia

    Great Blog! It was really informative, but do you think if they had healthier things in the vending machine, would people still get things, or not?

  14. Herminia Garcia

    Awesome, you guys were very organized, and had a lot of info regarding the cost, the items available. But it’d be great if you guys explained the refund process.

  15. I really like how your blog is broken down and organized! I agree about having healthy choices in the vending machines but would as many people buy things? Or maybe they should just have the option while keeping some of the original snacks?

  16. Estrella Granados

    I’m surprise on how vending machine can make such a bomb in an essay. The blog is well organized, it has sufficient images, and I liked the video. On the other hand, it would of been better to also include a video of your own.

  17. Ricardo Carranza

    Good Post. I enjoyed reading about this topic and the pictures were great. Could you maybe explain the refund process a little better?

  18. Ana Curiel

    I think you guys actually did a good job! Its interesting and when you guys talk about the refunds I didn´t know how I could do that so thanks!

  19. Alejandro Munoz

    Very interesting and good job, but there were parts that could not understand like refund. do not believe they are gonna give a refund.

  20. ja918

    I really do not see any major problems to this blog post. Although one thing that you could absolutely do is check a little bit of your punctuation and grammar. Atte: Jessica Ayon 🙂

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