YCAT, At Its Finest

Rai Quintero, Dalia Ayala, Julio Munoz, Herminia Garcia
English 101–212

What type of transportation do you use to get to AWC San Luis Learning Center on a daily basis? Do you walk, ride a bike, or drive your own car?  Depending on where students live, they choose their most convenient transportation.  Most college students depend on the transportation that the town offers, such as a bus or a taxi. We’ll take a look on how local transportation affects its citizens especially the Arizona Western College students in general. Every town has local buses and taxis that offer transportation, but in the town of San Luis the bus transportation has become a major way to help those who don’t have the luxury of a car. Yuma County Area Transit (YCAT) has become the primary and most beneficial transportation for AWC students.

AWC San Luis Learning Center YCAT stop @Main Office

Students usually buy a car when they start college in order to use as transportation to school. In some cases, buying a car is just not affordable to our budget. A bike, for example, is a way more affordable and easy to access. There is no need to spend for gas, tires, maintenance or even buy the car. One way to transport to AWC San Luis Learning Center, is simply a bike. A bike is a way cheaper way to transport. There are some advantages for riding a bike to school, especially college which is a busier institution for any college student. Riding a bike is very safe here in the city of San Luis, Arizona because there is not much of traffic and the city provides safe sidewalks. The only downside is the intense hot weather during the day that we experiences here in San Luis Arizona.

Taxicabs are everywhere in the town of San Luis, they drive by neighborhoods and school campuses just in case there are students who need a ride. For example, if 5 students go to AWC then the taxi only chargers $1 for each student, this is very cheap and affordable. You spend up to $5 a week if you use a taxi and other students use it as well only to get almost a free transportation to AWC San Luis campus. Even though this sounds like a good idea, no one assures you that there will be more students who go to the same destination as you.

There are so many ways to transport to AWC San Luis Learning Center, but one of the most useful bus transportation that the community of San Luis has is the Yuma County Area Transit (YCAT). The YCAT is not only for students, but also teachers, faculty or anyone who is part in Arizona Western College. Students who have scholarships are provided with a sticker that is used to ride the YCAT for free. The rest of the students or faculty have to buy a sticker in the AWC Main Campus for a fee of $5.00 per semester to have the advantages of YCAT transportation. YCAT busses provide free wireless Internet access. Using your Wi-Fi enabled device, such as a laptop and cell phone you’re able to send e-mail, surf the Web, or download files from the comfort of your seat while you commute to and from college. Kathia Sotelo a student in AWC has a semester riding the YCAT to transport to San Luis Center, “What I find most beneficial it’s the way for me to get to school and back and I do consider it the best form of public transportation”.

AWC San Luis Learning Center YCAT stop @Main Office
AWC San Luis Learning Center YCAT stop @Main Office

The YCAT provides about 8 stops around our town in San Luis, Arizona. Not only does it have stops around town but it also has a stop near the border from Mexico. This is useful for students that go to Mexico and come back and don’t have a ride to AWC campus in San Luis, Arizona. YCAT, as any transportation company has an hourly route schedule. YCAT is an affordable and useful transportation for students at AWC San Luis campus. According to Alan Sanchez a AWC Faculty member shared, “It’s a give and take, I like the fact that I don’t have to drive myself and hopefully nap while taking the YCAT, but the idea of not having a set schedule is also very attractive. All in all I would say it’s a 50-50 decision”.

photo 2 (3)
Students ready and on time for classes with YCAT transportation

There are many commutes that students take to assist to Arizona Western College San Luis Learning Center, such as, riding a bike, taxicabs, buses, or their own car. The choice for taking transportation depends on each student’s most convenient way. Commutes for students have to be ideal, because it is a daily thing to obtain for the school year. Transportation has to be comfortable, safe, and affordable for AWC’s students and faculty. From all of the commutes available to transport to AWC San Luis Learning Center, Yuma County Area Transit is the best and most beneficial according to AWC students and faculty at AWC San Luis Learning Center.

photo 3
Yuma County Area Transit at San Luis Center, AWC


25 thoughts on “YCAT, At Its Finest

  1. Keven Urbina

    Very informative and convincing! Are there any waiting periods between the time when you get out of a class and when the bus arrives? If so, are they short or long? Maybe a student at SLLC who has never ridden a YCAT would like to know this, for future reference.

  2. Kimberly Esqueda

    Great job! a lot of information provided. It would be convenient if you mentioned more about the YCAT’s operating hours.

  3. norman lintz

    Well, this one here was a great one to do it on there are so many ways the y-cat is helping the students by using the student passes and the students on grants a monthly fee and yes they pay 5.00 out of there grant for it also its not really free.but overall you guys covered it all its a outstanding post

  4. Patricia Meza

    This is a blog that provides a lot of information on ways of transportation for SLLC students. For future reference, At what time the last Y-Cat bus stop by the SLLC campus? Let’s not forget, we have classes that end between 9 ½ to 10 pm.

  5. Abel Guiza

    Your blog really lets us know how convinient it is to ride a Ycat to college. The information is really helpful but i wouldve liked to see more about the routes the Ycat takes and its business hours.

  6. Carmen Lizarraga

    I really enjoyed the pictures. Very informative and persuasive. Well written and a lot of information provided. Nice job.

  7. I agree with some others on here that you possibly should have added bus schedules/hours of operation. Also you could have added a picture or two to break up some of the text in the beginning of your blog. Other than that good job.

  8. Miriam Villarreal

    Definitely a great topic! You make great points about the taxi and the flexibility of using the YCAT however, adding the hours of operation for the YCAT can really come to an advantage for those interested.

  9. paolajauregui

    I didn’t know much about the YCAT services that AWC provides, and this blog was very informative and it definitely shows the benefits of using this as a source of transportation for students who don’t own cars. I believe you could add the schedule of the bus to make this blog stronger. nice work overall

  10. Carlos Garcia

    Great Blog! You guys did such an amazing job by being very detailed about the routes, prices, etc. I would have liked to have seen if anyone in your group takes the YCAT, and if so, do you like it?

  11. Ricardo Carranza

    Awesome Work guys. I’ve never been on YCAT before is the bus ever crowded? if so is it crowded throughout the day or just at certain times?

  12. Ana Curiel

    I agree with your guys opinion. It´s a great opportunity to have this route because as students, we dont have much money since we are entering adulthood. Great job!

  13. Alejandro Munoz

    This is very interesting to a student who has classes on main campus. Great job, and this could persuade a student to take the ycat instead of driving. Exellent iformation.

  14. Very persuasive and informative, I think this blog provides all the information required and does not have much room for improvement. In my opinion they have done an excellent work!

  15. ja918

    In my opinion, in order to improve this blog post, you should add more of the interviews that you guys made. The images that you added are simply great, although a video of your own would have been even more amazing. Atte: Jessica Ayon 🙂

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