A True Look Into Dorm Life

Tanner McAninch and Jose Rosales-Rodarte

ENG 101-006


Have you ever watched a movie about college and wonder what living in the dorms would be like? Well be prepared to view six different aspects of dorm life through the eyes of two Arizona Western college students who are currently living on campus.

Ever considered evperiencing the ”college life” by living on campus. Check out some of the awesome things that come with it.


The quality of the dorms is good not to big not to small just the right size for two people. They have desks that is big for both of the roommates to do either their homework or study but they also have the lounge to do that. You have two cabinets and a closet to put your clothes in. It also comes with two beds for you and your roommate. The dorms comes with a laundry room in each hallway and two lounges one downstairs and one upstairs. We also get internet, cable, and AC.

Dorm Room


The cleanliness of the dorms is average because not everybody cleans their rooms and sometimes the hallways and lounges are dirty from people trash. We usually have maintenance that clean the lounges and vacuum the hallways so they don’t always stay dirty because the R.A.s atell everybody to keep them clean. The cleanliness of the room depends on the people living it and if they keep it clean or not.


The utilities in the dorms are available to everybody that live there. They supply us with a mop, broom with a dustpan, toilet cleaner and a vacuum. The maintenance people come and supply us with toilet paper and they also help us with other stuff like clogged sinks or toilets, and they also help with broken lights, internet and cable. We also get laundry room for the people in the dorms to wash and dry their clothes.


If going out and having fun with great people is something you would enjoy then dorm life is for you. Living in the dorms has a great deal of social advantages. One of which is all of the structured activities that they provide. After only living on campus I have been involved with, or witnessed, around six or seven activities. Some of which included Olympic Games, a slip-n-slide, a movie night, and other fun activities. When asked Omar Celaya, a sophomore baseball player who lives on campus said,’’ I think the activities are awesome. Not only are they fun, but you get to meet all of the people that you are living with.’’


Each of the three dorms at Arizona Western College contains lounges. These are all equipped with vending machines, a few couches, two big screen televisions, and also a table for eating or homework. According to Isaiah, a footabll player who lives on campus,  ‘’The best part about these lounges is that either I can come down here to study by myself of or me and the boys can come down here and watch Monday Night Football.’’ The lounges provide an open space where you could get twenty plus people in there to watch a movie on movie nights or even if there is just a big game.  If you need to get homework done or just hang out with some of the people in your dorm then the lounge is the place to go.



If you are trying to experience something new from living outside of home then you have to live in the dorms. The dorms show a great deal of diversity. You get the experience of living in the same halls as people from different continents, countries, states, races, genders, ages, and all kinds of different backgrounds. Jerremyh, an AWC freshman from the Netherlands who lives on campus told of how he has now made friends with a student from Africa. He would have never gained this experience without having the opportunity to live in the dorms.

Here is another testimony from Jay Willingham, a former university student, on why living on campus is something that all college studeents should experience. He’s been through what many of you who are reading this are thinking about doing.


27 thoughts on “A True Look Into Dorm Life

  1. Liz Lipumano

    Awesome blog guys! I love how you explained both the positive and negative thing about living in the dorm. I wished u guys could have conducted an actual video interview of one person who likes living in the dorm and the other person who doesn’t.

  2. Sara Jackson

    It was a great article! I would suggest maybe putting the subheading in bold to make them stand out a little more. Also I would quickly state the 6 topics you are talking about in the intro.

  3. This was pretty informative, and it answered a lot of questions I had about the dorms here. I think it would have been more effective if you had used a video about the dorms from here though.

  4. Valerie Hill

    I really enjoyed reading this. I have never lived on campus and a slightly regret that. Especially after reading this! I really wish I could have had the chance to.

  5. Kyle Davis

    I found it interesting because i’ve never lived or seen the dorms. But the picture at the bottom could be retaken and given a caption because I can’t really tell where it is.

  6. Jonathan Vazquez

    It would be cool if you had more interviews with others who also live in dorms. And perhaps more pictures. But it was Great!!! Always wondered what dorm life at AWC was like. 🙂

  7. Pedro Rangel

    Excellent introduction it truly catches the readers attention. The only problem was it didn’t live up to what it promised. All of the comments might have come from actual interviews to students leaving at the dorms, but a few more names might have made your blog a it more credible.

  8. Spenser Clark

    I think you guys did a great job at covering the good and bad aspects of dorm life. I think one thing you could have improved on was showing us one of the activities that you had in the dorms it would have been exciting to see the more fun events that occur. However, i also think the bottom picture could’ve showed a more clear purpose all I can really see is a t.v. with chairs but you described it as being a great place to study and hangout, which would’ve been nice to see in the picture.

  9. Gina Miller

    Awesome job on the post! I really like the video about how awkward it is when meeting your dorm roommate for the first time. I really like how you have some interviews by other dorm residents especially the two who are from other countries living in the same room. 🙂

  10. Danise Ruiz

    Good Job on the blog! I really like the video, it was cheesy but i know some people do act like that when you first meet. I think if you added a video about the actual dorms at AWC it would have been a lttle better, overall I like the details and pictures.

  11. Bianka Figueroa

    I love how you guys spaced out your blog it made it very easy for me to read. What could have been nice is if you would have added a lot of pictures for each paragraph you had.

  12. Shannon Nigh

    This was a very informative blog about the dorm life. One thing for you guys to do next time is to put a story of something that you really liked or dislikes about in the blog. Other than that it was very interesting!

  13. Brie Ann Lute

    Good job guys! I never knew anything about dorm life until reading this. It would have been nice if you could have explained a little bit more in the intro.

  14. Kelsey Beckham

    I think this is really well written. I loved all of the hyperlinks and the video. I do think however that you could have gotten more interviews for each area with how you have written it.

  15. Matt Velazquez

    great job guys. its good to hear both good and bad things about it. you were very informative about the dorms but it would be nice to hear testimonies from the girls in dorms. maybe they feel differently about the dorms then the guys do.

  16. Bili Escobar

    This blog seemed more opinionated as opposed to factual. I’d like to see more proof as to why or why not the dorms are worth living in. Overall it was a good blog 🙂

  17. Zachary Alvarez

    I think you did a good job explaining the basis of dorm life on campus but is there a way you could list how to find activities so that students outside of the dorms could find them as well? it’s always good to know what’s going on around campus

  18. Edgar Rios

    I like it, it gives a good idea of what it would be like to stay in the dorms, a couple more pictures or videos wouldn’t hurt though.

  19. Nehemias Pascual

    i like this blog. I think you guys should have added some pictures of what it looks like inside the dorm and not just a picture of a particular spot. Also, a few interviews with students with different opinion about living in the dorms. Sub header would be nice it if was on bold. overall, its an awesome blog.

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