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Living on Campus
Poster in loby of DeAnza Dorm stating the prohibition of alcohol. (Sept. 24, 2013)

After a series of interviews we found that living on campus can be a little edgy but fun and extremely convenient as well. We got a chance to interview a group of girls who shared that last year in 2012 many of them didn’t feel comfortable walking outside their dorms alone. Their reasons being, the athletes were too outspoken and suggestive. But they said that this year they feel a lot more comfortable now that there’s a fresh line of athletes. After getting the girls’ point of view on campus safety we moved on to the boys. We saw a group of boys playing basketball right outside the dorms and asked them how they felt on campus safety, and surprisingly not one had something negative to say. They brought up the “Can I Kiss You?” event that was held recently here on campus. They shared how despite the stereotype, they learned that if they respect their peers they’ll earn the respect they want. We interviewed some more students and they said the same. Overall, no assaults or real emergencies have occurred in the past couple of years. Campus safety, monitoring, and police enforcements have progressed throughout the years. One thing I will add despite the dorm students’ opinions, leaving campus at night is pretty scary if you’re alone. Only because the lights outside are very dim. Also if for any reason a student feels assaulted, AWC has formed a group of people who are willing to help out in these sorts of situations. As the years progress, inconveniences have died out and campus safety has most definitely improved.

Impression on AWC Police

The AWC campus welcomes every student as he or she steps on a blade of grass, walk on the concrete sidewalks and step into any building. It is an unavoidable vibe that no one can escape. Even with good vibes blanketed everywhere is there a difference at night? What about the safety? Does this campus still hold those vibes that most students receive once the sun goes down? As I walk through the campus and head to its game room, I see a female student sitting on a couch watching TV. I came up to her and asked how she felt sitting alone in a room where it is almost dark and not a lot of people in the building. This girl replied with great confidence that a lot of security start patrolling out around six. Hearing her response had me curious and I asked her how she knew that and she explained that she lived in the dorms. Due to her response I then asked her how she felt about walking from the game room to her dorms. She smiled at me and informed me that “There are so many emergency poles that if I was too scared to walk to my dorm room I can press it and the police will gladly accompany me to my room.” AWC has provided everyone with such great service; the police find it a great big deal to keep every student safe.

Joseph, Bili, and Isaiah presenting 1 of the 19 emergency posts, here at AWC. (Oct. 1, 2013)

A Bad Experience

I feel most safe during the day because it is easier to find any of the 19 safety emergency call boxes on campus. I had an uncomfortable experience with one of the police officers from the campus when I got pulled over for speeding. Instead of giving me a ticket the officer was very flirtatious. It concerned me that enforcing the law didn’t seem like his first priority. During a visit to the dorms I also stumbled upon someone who made me feel uncomfortable. My friend and I were doing some observations and decided to talk to one of the students in the lounge area, as we were wrapping up our observations I noticed one of the students staring at me up and down as if he were undressing me with is eyes. I immediately asked him what his problem was and he casually responded with, “I’m taking a mental picture of you so I won’t forget you.” So for me, campus safety does have some cons as well as pros.

A Talk With The Staff

As a consensus the AWC staff seems confident in the safety of their campus. Because of the numerous emergency alert buttons, the 24/7 police force presence and the general lack of crime reported, they are able to feel at ease when the topic of campus safety arises. When asked what could be improved about the safety, the lighting of the campus was discussed. After dark, the areas surrounding the LR, AC, ES, and CTE buildings are almost “pitch black”. Walking out of one of these buildings after an evening class would be reason enough to feel uncomfortable. Students who feel unsafe for any reason or have ideas about improving campus security are urged to contact either the Campus Life Committee (928-344-7602),or the Vice President of Academic and Student Services (928-344-7617).

Click here for more information about AWC Campus Safety

Click here for general tips about campus safety

AWC Campus Safety Interviews Video:


31 thoughts on “AWC Campus Safety

  1. Liz Lipumano

    This blog was informative and easy to follow. The only correction you guys need was some grammatical errors.Other than that, nice job!

  2. The blog was pretty well done and descriptive, and the last video was funny! I think it might have been a good idea to include specific opinions from the staff members, rather than group them all together anonymously.

  3. Valerie Hill

    I really liked how you had a personal story about a bad time you had with AWC campus security. That really gave the reader some insight of personal experience.

  4. Kyle Davis

    Good job on gathering many opinions from the campus students and staff. It could use a conclusion or something to wrap everything up at the end.

  5. Pedro Rangel

    outstanding blog, but from the beginning it feels as if you had jumped on to what should have been the second paragraph. I couldn’t help it notice it was messing a introduction.

  6. Spenser Clark

    First of all I would like to state my biggest issue was finding out that AWC is a dry campus, where’s the fun in that? just kidding! The blog was very informative and I agree with the police presence and call boxes are definitely reassuring. The only things i would change (besides allowing alcohol) is organization, an introduction and conclusion would’ve been nice, and maybe mentioning the parking lot and how they stop speeding all the time so you don’t have to worry about getting smashed by a car would’ve helped in the pros as well.! Great job!

    1. Bili Escobar

      Hahah yeah we got a lot of comments on how we should have connected the intro and conclusion better as well, your comment was very helpful. Thank you 🙂

  7. Gina Miller

    I really liked your post. It would have been good to add what to do if someone felt unsafe on campus such as what to do if you are needing help and your by an emergency box.

  8. Zachary Alvarez

    hahah, still getting over the bit with the car at the end of the video, this was informative but what I liked most was the interesting responses you get from asking these types of questions on both sides and receiving a personal experience while interviewing. If anything, I’d recommend adding what type of occurrences have happened despite nothing “serious” happening recently

  9. Nehemias Pascual

    i think it lacks introduction. i love the interviews on the last video minus the bloopers i think its a little unnecessary. i get the humor though. lots of text on this article that i didn’t that informative. overall it was good.

  10. Jonah Rauguth

    I love how that I know I’m so safe at school because it’s not true everywhere. I would just want more info on the actually police station.

  11. Interesting student perspectives as well as author’s own perspectives — combined they make this post very persuasive. Liked the video survey that shows a variety of students who seem to feel pretty positive about campus safety. Would really, really like to see an interview with a police officer to get a different (and expert) perspective on this topic. Also some basic background information about our campus and police department at the start of your blog post would give readers a sense of context for this topic.

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