AWC: Melting Pot In The Desert

Kyle, Nolan, Spenser, Harley

Eng 101-006

International Program-

We all agree that the International program is a great thing for this college. Our group has experienced the difficulties in moving from country to country and how tedious it is. We have watched our family in Mexico come seek education in this country only to be bombarded with paper work and red tape. We have dealt with these matters first hand so what better place to go than AWC? Arizona Western College has a campus that is sprawling with life and opportunity.  Arizona western college has one of the best international programs available for students looking for a broader outlook on desert life. Whether you are currently attending or still undecided, AWC offers you an affordable and multicultural atmosphere. From Brazil to Russia, the international program unites students from all parts of the world, bringing a great deal of understanding and diversity to the college setting.


Harley <3 Ivan
Harley ❤ Ivan

AWC offers one of the most  personable experiences you could possibly have in an international program. AWC’s international program is not made up of an extensive number of students with only around fifty and being hundreds of miles from the closest metropolitan city isn’t helping the numbers either. However, what the program lacks in size and isolation it makes up in exclusiveness.  Due to the small number of students it allows for the president of the program, Kenneth Kuntzelman, to provide individual support for each of the students. Mr. Kuntzelman even described a time where he picked up an incoming student from the airport and took her to dinner even before even setting foot on campus. One of the main reasons someone leaves a college is due to the fact that they do not fit in. The program here excels at helping students from around the world make a home right here in Yuma.  After conducting interviews with students such as Ivan (pictured to the right with our group member) who attended other colleges, it was concluded that we have one of the most accommodating international programs.


While plane tickets might not cost that much, getting into the country is a long drawn out process with mounds of paper work and applications. An aspiring student must apply for an F-1 student visa in the home country after being academically accepted to a college or university. With tuition and the added cost of the visa really takes a financial toll. But this is another area where Arizona Western is excelling in. Compared to some of the other colleges AWC provides cheaper tuition for those who want to attend college in the states without breaking the bank. This is a huge selling point and allowing for on campus housing is a huge bonus as well.

The I-Team-

The I-Team or International Team is an amazing organization open to all students at AWC interested in international topics. It helps build leadership qualities and bring awareness of local and global cultures. They meet every Wednesday in the student lounge above the book store. The I-Team hosts plenty of school events to help new students adjust to student life at AWC or promote cultural awareness. On September 20th the international program hosted a Vietnamese festival, where students prepared traditional Vietnamese food and discussed the history of Vietnam. People brought in Vietnamese souvenirs and other artifacts to help give students a better understanding of what daily life is like. But not all the events are as scholarly focused as this. They had a pool party for the students to get to know each other and even have a planned trip to Los Angeles in which they’ll take a tour of museums as well as go to Disneyland. The I-Team is a great organization based on helping students integrate into life at AWC as well as adding to the already multicultural Yuma area.


2013-09-24 16.07.18
International athlete working out

Many of the international students come to AWC for our respectable sports programs. There are eighteen players currently attending that are internationally recruited. AWC recruits players from around the world who would not be recognized otherwise and offers full scholarships to capable athletes. They are essential and attribute that our athletic program that is growing and in the past few years have succeeded expectations. Along with the wonderful athletes every sport has very reputable coaches and AWC’s football team is nationally ranked.


The international program impacts college life at AWC in an extremely positive manner. It brings diversity and culture to local students while broadening their horizons. Not only is the international program bringing diversity to AWC but to the city of Yuma as well. The international program gives back to the school more than it could ever take. It brings in federal grant money and helps people that may have never received the chance to study in America. But most of all, the international program brings racial tolerance and cultural awareness to the city that is rarely found in any other organization.


29 thoughts on “AWC: Melting Pot In The Desert

  1. Liz Lipumano

    It is really interesting to know that AWC offers scholarships to international students. The only thing I suggest is to show the actual interview of Ivan. It would be nice to see him explain about how he loves being there.

  2. Nicely done, I like how informative this is. To tell the truth, I didn’t even know we had an international program here. Although, since it’s really personal, are there very few international students?

  3. Valerie Hill

    I enjoyed reading this post and think its really cool how you have pictures of international students doing stuff at AWC. Good job (:

  4. Jonathan Vazquez

    Very interesting blog, really enjoyed reading it but i would’ve loved if it gave more information about more students attending AWC. Maybe more interviews. Other than that super job!!! 😀

  5. Pedro Rangel

    Great blog, The only thing that I can spot on it that might need some work is a more specific explanation in the introduction of what the international program is. This would give students not familiar with the program a small inside at the beginning this will create interest before the reader might lose focus and ultimately lose interest.

  6. Gina Miller

    I really like your post. It is great to know that the students from other countries have help here at AWC. I would have like to read more quotes from other international students but Ivan’s interview was very interesting. 🙂

  7. Danise Ruiz

    I honestly liked your Blog I wouldn’t change anything to it, it’s well put together. I did not know we had an international program here! Very informative.

  8. Bianka Figueroa

    After reading your blog I am very proud and happy that I am a student at AWC. You did a great job at explaining what AWC does for people who aren’t from this country who come over to Yuma. I would have loved to see a picture of the I-team.

  9. Shannon Nigh

    I think this a very well organized blog. I did not realize that their was a International program at AWC and it is amazing program.

  10. Brie Ann Lute

    This blog gives me a lot of information! I had no idea we had a program like this at AWC. Pictures of more of the students would have been nice. great job.

  11. Kelsey Beckham

    I really loved this post it is great. I just think that you could have used some interviews form some of the international students.
    4 stars

  12. Zachary Alvarez

    the article lacks student opinion or specific quotes but is nice and briefly describes a program many weren’t aware existed at AWC

  13. Bili Escobar

    Wow I had no idea AWC offered this program so this was very useful. Only thing I would say is this blog tells me a lot about this program but as a student I’d like to know how and if there’s a process I’d have to go through to join or use this program.

  14. Edgar Rios

    Great article, it was very interesting to read and it wasn’t dull to follow either, maybe include a few more interviews or quotes from more international students

  15. Nehemias Pascual

    Awesome blog! i think you guys should have added some pictures of other international students. i thought the interview with ivan was pretty cool, but i kinda want to know as a reader what other international students think about AWC.

  16. Catchy title! Interesting/unique topic — readers learn a lot about a program that may otherwise go unmentioned. Also thanks to the authors of this blog post for taking time to reply to many of the comments posted here! 🙂

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