Computer Lab used by Matadors For Academic Obligations

Catrynna Acosta

Gina Miller

Elizabeth Meyers

Claudia Sanchez

English 101-006

Walking to the computer lab this is what I see, matadors typing effortlessly, I got a passion for my class and I ain’t afraid to show it; I’m nerdy and I know it.

The gateway to glory, also known as one of the two entrances to the computer lab.

The Academic Complex Computer Lab (ACCL) is a site established for students to work on school assignments. It is located on Arizona Western College’s (AWC) main campus in the Academic Complex (AC) Building; room AC 159. This lab has its many perks such as the software, the service, accessibility, etc. and offers multiple things for the students that may be needed for a class. The computer lab is a convenient workplace for any student; it has over 120 computers available every day of the week, however the time schedule varies depending on the day.

Service: When you walk into the Computer lab, you will find an array of people who are at your service. At the front desk, you can be sure to find a person who will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. The aids who work there can help students with things such as registering for online classes, or making accounts for Blackboard or Toromail. In one of my own experiences, I was getting very frustrated with Toromail and was not able to log in to my account. A lab aid successfully, helped me log in. Now, remember that they’re not tutors, and will not do your work for you. However, they can help guide any student in the right direction.

Computer Software: The ACCL has over 120 computers; most use Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition; however some Mac computers are available. All computer workstations in the ACCL have software already installed that is used for classes taught here at AWC, such as programs like Microsoft Office 2010. There are many other programs, Internet applications and web browsers that could be used also. A few computer workstations have AutoCAD software for Drafting, Architectural and Construction classes, and Photoshop 7.0 for Computer Graphics classes.

Interview 1: Sports athletes that are there for classes use the ACC lab for study hall. E. J., a basketball player we spoke to said, “We use the ACC Lab for about one hour and 15 minutes for study hall. I like the ACC lab because for me it is more convenient.”

Interview 2: Sonia, a nursing student here at AWC who lives off campus said that it had been her first time studying in the computer lab. She continued to say, “I wanted to come to campus and use the Computer Lab because at home there are too many distractions and here it is easier to concentrate on my math and anatomy homework. Plus there is no time limit for being on a computer in the ACCL.”

Rules: Like most computer lab regulations the AWC computer lab policies are to ensure the safety of the technology and for academic use only.

  • Fluids or snacks are to be set on the ground and away from walk ways or placed in book bags as to not damage the equipment.
  • The limit to one computer may be up to 3 people and if too much commotion is caused, aids will be forced to ask the group to leave.
  • Guest and visitors are asked to provide a valid ID at the front of the desk and children under the age of 16 are to be supervised at all time.
  • Your account cannot be shared with others in risk of suspension of the account.
  • Cellphones must be set to vibrate in courtesy of others working and phone calls should be taken outside the lab.
  • Aids are required to ask you to log off if the use of the computers is not academic related or if rules are broken.

Computer Lab Hours:

Mondays-Thursdays from 7:30 am to 10 pm

Fridays from 10 am to 7 pm

Saturdays from 12 to 6 pm

And Sundays from 12 to 10 pm

The gateway to glory, also known as one of the two entrances to the computer lab.
The gateway to glory, also known as one of the two entrances to the computer lab.

You can even find information on their Facebook! Go check them out and like them so you can stay updated on what’s happening at the computer lab!

If you want to see what every computer lab should allow college students do, then check out this article!

For some people, working on a public computer is not ideal. They like everything personal, and want everything customized exactly to their liking. Of course, you will need to know what exactly a college student requires if they wish to purchase their own computer or laptop. While this video is long, it gives you a run-down of all the things you never knew you needed to know when buying one of these babies for college!

Of course, the average college student barely has money to buy their candy bar lunches, let alone a laptop, so the AWC computer lab is definitely a reliable (and affordable!) place for students as well as the public to utilize, whether you need a quiet environment to study or the use of computers in general. It can be logging into Toromail, Blackboard, or even doing homework. There are few distractions that may or may not keep you away from what you need to do, so you can count on finishing your agenda in there. If the computer lab isn’t your thing, there are also computers in the library, but there aren’t any dividers between computers, so privacy isn’t ensured. So, if you need a computer, now you know where to go, ‘cause you’re nerdy and you know it!

A fine example of the perfect place to study!

26 thoughts on “Computer Lab used by Matadors For Academic Obligations

  1. Liz Lipumano

    I like how you guys have the hours of operation at the end of the blog. The introduction was a great catchy phrase. It would be nice to have a picture on the top to grab people’s attention.
    5 stars=)

  2. Sara Jackson

    It was a great article but it seemed like a lot to read at the same time. I think the spacing could have been set up a little better to make it seem like less to read.

  3. I love how you guys had clear and focused topics to discuss. Plus you had a lot of facts about the computer lab! I think that incorporating more pictures to break up the text might be helpful. This was the best blog I’ve read so far. Great job!

  4. Valerie Hill

    I enjoyed reading this article. It was clear and well put together. I would have really like to see more pictures because I love reading articles with a lot of pictures. Other than that, great job! Oh, and I also like how you clearly posted the rules. That way they are easy to find. (:

  5. Kyle Davis

    Very informative. I have always taken the computer lab for granted. The beginning is text heavy and would be good to have a picture to separate and space it out.

  6. Pedro Rangel

    Over all I like the blog. The only thing that I would add, would be the last names of the people interviewed. This would give more credibility to their opinion on the blog. Gives it the “Real people feeling” more then made up characters to express the bloggers own point of view

  7. Spenser Clark

    This blog does a great job at explaining all the details about the computer lab and is very helpful! It is a little text heavy at the top but mainly if i had to suggest anything, i think adding the video about how to choose a laptop retracts a little from the purpose of your article. If I am not mistaken you are promoting the computer lab correct? I feel as if telling me that a personal computer might be equal to or better, people that have these are less likely to go. Overall it was great! And now i know exactly where to go and what I can do while I am there!

  8. Danise Ruiz

    Great Job! I really like how you incorporate the hours of operation and the rules. I would have liked to see more pictures just because the pictures could have pulled the audience in a bit more. The facts are really interesting, I did not know there were so many computers as stated in the Computer Software paragraph “more than 120 computers.”

  9. Bianka Figueroa

    I like how the blog has a lot of information especially with the times of when the lab is open and closed for each day of the week. What could be nice in this blog is if you added more pictures. since you showed a picture of the AC lab with the computers and their dividers for privacy maybe you could have put a picture of the library’s computers to show the difference.

  10. Shannon Nigh

    I agree with Bianka I feel that there also could be more pictures included in this blog, but I love all the information about the two places, and your idea also about which place you like better.

  11. It’s an over good post. It gives great information, but I want to see more on there. It looked really plain. More pictures would be nice. I really liked how you added the hours of operation. Even I forget them and I use the computer lab a lot.

  12. Brie Ann Lute

    Great job! maybe you could have had a few more pictures just to divide the text up. it seems like a lot to read at one time. But this was interesting!

  13. Matt Velazquez

    great blog! it was very informative but i think the pictures could have been placed better so that they are sectioned off correctly

  14. Great blog! I found a lot of information in your blog that was very useful but…. I think that if you would have added your interviews to the beginning statement instead of separating them into different sections it would have given a better thought flow for your blog from the beginning.

  15. Zachary Alvarez

    the formatting could use some touches but I found this very useful, I was unaware of the different types of computers available on campus, guess I’ll have to look around a bit more to find one that I can use for my classes

  16. Bili Escobar

    Haha I liked your intro! 😀 Great job guys! This blog was very well organized and put together. I do suggest to better this blog, add more to the interviews; more questions and answers to give us a better understanding of the quality of our computer lab.

  17. Edgar Rios

    Very cool post, it gives a great amount of information about the computer lag only thing I could say would be to add a little more flair to the page.

  18. Nehemias Pascual

    I believe this post would’ve been much better if you guys added more pictures, especially to the header. it kinda overflows with text in the beginning. overall, very informative and awesome post.

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