Lunch Time

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This is the front view of the Cafeteria
This is the front view of the Cafeteria

Being hungry is no joking matter, as a college student most of us have a very tight budget. Between tuition, overpriced books and the cost of transportation we are left with a very limited income and a harsh question, where to eat? AWC cafeteria “tries” to meet the needs of students and faculty. There are different opinions to the efficiency and cost of a meal plan. The truth is that like any other public service AWC cafeteria has its supporters and those that are against it. Pros and cons are always easy to find at any establishment that is built to accommodate diverse types of people. It might be safe to say that when the cafeteria addresses many of the needs of the average student there are still several things that could be improved to best serve our pockets. The truth is that no matter how much the system changes there will always be nonconformist, and as a student I can’t blame them. Who wouldn’t want to get the most for their hard earned money? So my biggest question would be why should I eat at the AWC cafeteria?


The entrance to the salad bar
The entrance to the salad bar

There are some upsides to eating at the eatery on campus. According to Mrs. Keehn, there is nothing wrong or to be complaining about. As a professor she has found the eatery to be convenient. The eatery is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She explained how there are so many different options and a variety of different foods to choose from. For example, she said, if you are trying to eat healthy, there is a big salad bar with all of the accommodations for different types of salad. Or if you want something close to a home-cooked meal there is something different every day to choose from. The eatery, or “the caf” as the residential students say it, it does have many upsides. For example, most of the students living on campus have a meal plan that is part of their tuition that pays for their food weekly. This saves a lot of out-of-pocket costs for the students. Not only does the meal plan work for the “caf”, it also works for Starbucks right next door. As you can see, there are many positive sides for eating at the eatery on campus.


Image of utensil dispensers
Image of utensil dispensers

There are many downsides to eating at the eatery on campus. The food prices are very expensive for both students and faculty. In a 16 week period some students with meal plans spend about $124.69 each week. Also, some of the students on those plans pay $1,995 dollars for food alone each semester. The only downside that Mrs. Keehn said was the prices. “The prices are a little expensive for students and even a little expensive for the faculty”. Then, the food itself is not always good. “The fries should have some seasoning on it,” stated a student of AWC. One student stated “I won’t eat the potatoes if they are cold, because I don’t know when they heat it up.” Another issue is the cleanliness of the eatery itself. Yes, they constantly sweep the floors and clean the tables, but what about the plates or utensil dispensers? “I grabbed a plate and something was under it,” was said by a fellow student. From personal experience, I walked up to get a fork from the dispenser and there was dust and other debris in the bottom. So, I stuck my hand underneath where the fork comes out so it wouldn’t touch the bottom. So, you see there are issues that the eatery needs to work on to fix these problems to become a better dining area.

Going from a variety of foods to choose from to the variety of expenses that a student spends weekly, we can understand that being a hungry college student has its pros and its cons. If one is trying to go healthy it can be easily done by using the big salad bar, feeling a bit homesick? Then choose from the home cooked meals. Perhaps your pocket is feeling a bit empty from eating so much at the “caf”; consider making a meal plan if you live on campus. Students and faculty claim that the food is too pricey and that it’s not always served to their expectations. The plates and silverware are not always in the greatest conditions. Arizona Western College dining area tries to meet the standards of all faculties, students, and most importantly their company Sodexho. Everyone will have different opinions, some may be pleased and others may not. Perhaps lowering the prices, while keeping in mind that college is already expensive as a whole, would undoubtedly be a great change overall. Adding some finishing touches to the food and making sure that it’s in correct temperature would also be effective. Students and faculty depend on the “caf” for their daily meals but they can’t do that when their pockets are going empty.

Here is a plate with cafeteria food.
Here is a plate with cafeteria food.

27 thoughts on “Lunch Time

  1. Sara Jackson

    It was a great article, but it seemed like a lot to read in each of the pros and cons, i think bullet points would have been more pleasing to the eyes.

  2. Great job guys! The videos were pretty funny, and the pictures divided up your text pretty well. Although, I think using a video about the cafeteria here might have been a bit more effective.

  3. Valerie Hill

    Nicely done!! I loved the first video. I though that one was pretty funny. I think you guys did a very job going into detail about your topic. Maybe cut down on some of the reading though but other than that, great job! (:

  4. Spenser Clark

    Good job! I think organization during the pros and cons section would’ve made it a little more readable, and I wish you explained the importance of the second video, I am a little confused at the purpose of it, whether it was to say the problems here are the same as other colleges or that our caf was better? Other than that you guys did a great job writing a balanced review that informs everybody!

  5. Danise Ruiz

    I think putting videos and prices of OUR school would have been better, good job on getting other point of views from different schools. I enjoyed reading this because of all the info, now I know to take my own utensils lol.

  6. Bianka Figueroa

    I like how you guys added pictures and videos. What could have been nicer is if the two videos you added into your blog was from our own college instead of a random one.

  7. Shannon Nigh

    I think this article is a very well developed article that gave both sides about the cafeteria. If one thing could be changed is that maybe if there could be a weekly menu of what could be eaten while you are at the eatery.

  8. Brie Ann Lute

    This was a great blog. It would have been easier to read if the pros and cons were divided up into smaller paragraphs. good job guys!

  9. Kelsey Beckham

    I really liked the videos but I do think you could have made a video with the students at AWC so it could be a little bit closer to home.

  10. Gina Miller

    I liked how you had pros and cons for eating in the AWC cafeteria. It would have been good to have added more pros for the cafeteria because their food tastes really good and is actually cheaper using the Student ID than paying with a debit card or cash.

  11. Bili Escobar

    The blog was very informative, which is very helpful for someone who hasn’t been to the AWC eatery. I would suggest adding more feedback from the students here. The videos had great points as well but I think if you made a video from an AWC student(s) perspective, that would have been a little bit more relatable since we’d know the opinion of students who have actually eaten here 🙂

  12. Zachary Alvarez

    Very well balanced, you definitely got both sides across, an interesting suggestion would be an opinion section, or more specifically what the students would like to see added to the cafeteria

  13. Nehemias Pascual

    I think the videos that you guys put was cool, but I think if would be better if you guys put videos from AWC cafeteria and not from other cafeteria. i mean, isn’t AWC cafeteria the topic of this blog? I also think it’s a little text heavy. As a reader, i kinda want more pictures from the inside of the cafeteria, so i can see how big the place is and how it looks like.

  14. This was very well balanced, but I would like to see some of the average prices of meals at the cafeteria, and some tips on how to eat cheaply. Also bullet points would make this nicer to read, but otherwise great job.

  15. Jonah Rauguth

    I like how it shows that the Caf needs to be more affordable. I would of liked if you would if conducted you own video interview.

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