Starbucks: The Caffeine Rush Corner

The 3C Starbucks entrance Taken on September 26, 2013.

Brie Ann Lute, Sara Jackson, Shannon Nigh

English 101-006

One place for students to meet or get a caffeine fix is our campus Starbucks. It is a welcoming environment that offers food and drink as well as a lounge area for students to meet or wait for their next class. Our Starbucks is located in the 3C building by the cafeteria. They typically have three baristas working at a time. Its hours of operations are Monday through Thursday from 6am to 9pm, Fridays from 10am through 3pm, Saturdays from 10am through 3pm, and closed on Sundays. It is a fairly new addition to our campus. If you ask a majority of college students or staff members, they will say it is the best addition to the campus so far. If you look around any given classroom you can find at least one Starbucks drink. After reading about our experiences and our research, you will understand why we believe Starbucks is a great place to meet with friends. You will also have your own ideas and opinions about Starbucks.

Atmosphere- Starbucks at Arizona Western College is a very convenient place for students to go. It provides them with their emergency caffeine rush as well as a great gathering place. Although the Starbucks on campus can get chaotic due to its frequency of costumers, it is one of the best places to get together or to simply hangout and relax! The chaos is caused by many students getting out of their classes and meeting their friends. Their voices can be loud since the building is very open and sounds travel far.  The main attractions include the convenient location, tasty drinks and food, cleanliness, large lounge area, and great customer service.

Starbucks counter with baristas hard at work. Taken October 2 2013.
Starbucks counter with baristas hard at work. Taken October 2 2013.

Workers- Upon interviewing the staff at Arizona Western College Starbucks, we learned how hectic their environment really is. It can be extremely stressful due to the fact that everyone is rushing in on a timed schedule. Therefore as a worker, it is important to do there job in a timely manner. Natalie, a Starbucks barista for one year stated,” Working at a college Starbucks is a lot of fun but I am  always on the go with as many costumers as we have. The best thing about working at Starbucks is experimenting with new drinks and getting drinks for free. My most terrible experience working at Starbucks so far would be when I messed up on several drinks on the first day.” She said she was under a lot of pressure, when she looked up and saw the line was out the door! After two semesters Natalie has learned how to cope with long lines and demanding costumers by not letting it bother her.

 Advantages- Having a Starbucks at the AWC campus is very convenient in so many ways. For instance, Starbucks is very accessible to get to and from classes, and it also is a nice environment to sit back, relax, and enjoy the window views. College students usually are working there so it makes the student costumers feel more at home. Another advantage to getting a drink at any Starbucks is the use of the secret menu. Many people do not know about the delicious drinks that can be created by the baristas.

Disadvantages- Like anything else, Starbucks on campus has its disadvantages. For example, their prices are very expensive, and it would be a better idea to save that money, but instead students still will buy that delicious Starbucks drink. For example, if a student goes to class four times a week and buys a $5 drink every day, they are spending $20 a week, or about $80 a month. This money would be better spent on gas or textbooks. It is also way too convenient and we usually will load up on caffeine. Last but not least these drinks are super unhealthy with all the sugar and added calories that are in them.

Customers- Students, faculty, and staff of the college can all enjoy an item from the Starbucks menu. They can stop by the 3C building on their way to or from class, between meetings, or whenever they have the time. They can take their items to go or they can enjoy them in the lounge area with friends.

Our Starbucks compared to a regular Starbucks- The Starbucks on our campus is not too much different from other Starbucks nationwide. It seems if you’ve been to one Starbucks, you’ve been to them all. They all have the same menu items, the same decor, and even seem to be in the same locations throughout various cities. The difference between a campus Starbucks and a regular Starbucks is the mood and the target consumers. A barista at a regular Starbucks named Ashley, who has worked there for almost 4 years, told me, “They do not have much of a rush, except for the mornings when people are heading to work or school.” The mood at most Starbucks is relaxed and comforting. At our campus Starbucks it can sometimes be overwhelming and loud. The target consumers at our Starbucks are students, faculty, and staff. They do not try to get non-AWC related people to buy their items, that’s for another Starbucks.

We believe there are many advantages to having a Starbucks on our campus. It is a great place to get a caffeine fix and meet with friends. However, it is not the best place to study for a class, due to the loud noise and the chaos of students rushing to their next class.


25 thoughts on “Starbucks: The Caffeine Rush Corner

  1. Liz Lipumano

    This is a wonderful blog about Starbucks. I think you should have compared prices of their drinks compared to other places. Great Work!
    5 Stars

  2. I’m surprised you were able to get an interview with the staff there, because it is as hectic as you wrote all the time. I can’t really come up with anything that could be improved on this, you did a fantastic job! It’s interesting and the placement makes it easy to read.

  3. Valerie Hill

    Great job! I love Starbucks but as you said, its very expensive. Good pictures and think its awesome you got an interview with some of the staff.

  4. Kyle Davis

    I like starbucks and you make it sounds as cool a place as it really is. I wish your video was more directed toward how it impacts the college instead of interesting facts about it.

  5. Pedro Rangel

    I like the blog a lot and the interview with the workers is great, but honestly that would be consider a corporate view. I would like to know what the other side thinks, so interviews of the consumer might give it the ” people like us ” point.

  6. Spenser Clark

    I liked how you brought the audience into the subject by appealing to the fact that caffeine is a god send. The only reason I am able to do this homework assignment is because Starbucks is amazing! Your article flowed nicely and everything necessary was included so Great Job! However, the part about this location being a little more hectic or busy then others and the fact that once you have been to one you have been to all is a very general statement. But other than that great job!

  7. Danise Ruiz

    WEll writte blog! Good job on getting the interview with one of the staff there. Could have been a bit more detailed, i loved the video. The Disadvantages was interesting as well.

  8. Bianka Figueroa

    Your blog was really easy to read and the way you approached the reader with the tone is really good. I’m really curious to know how the customers feel about the Starbucks workers and their experience with interacting with them.

  9. Bili Escobar

    We were going to choose this topic for our blog but only one person in our group actually drinks coffee plus I don’t even like Starbucks, so we decided not to 😛 Okay anywaaaays good job! You guys covered everything I think would be necessary to know about Starbucks. The video was great too! I would suggest comparing a little more on the quality of other local Starbucks. That or just stick to the AWC starbucks. 🙂

  10. Zachary Alvarez

    I think you did a good job painting the scene, I don’t see so many people with starbucks but the trashcans are full of empty coffee cups, adding some student opinions would be nice.

  11. Edgar Rios

    I like how it showed us how it looked, but maybe adding a video to show the chaos would have helped. Overall really good article though.

  12. Nehemias Pascual

    I like the fact that this article was very easy to read. also, you guys should have added photos of what it looks like when its jam packed or kids hanging out at the place. the pic that i saw didn’t look that busy at all because nobody was in the register haha. Overall, Great job on this post!

  13. Jose Rosales-Rodarte

    I am not much of a Starbucks fan but I get every once in a while and I get it for free because I live on campus and its exactly how you guys describe it.

  14. Creative review with a very specific focus on Starbucks within the college campus. You thoroughly reviewed it based on the average student’s needs which made this post relevant and interesting to read! Well done!

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