The ”Wonderful” Admissions Experience

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Let’s be clear about this, there is nothing enjoyable whatsoever about the whole admissions process. It can either be really bad, or not as bad as you expected it to be. AWC is one of the largest college’s in the region, it is ranked #19 in Arizona according to With “over 12,000 people” enrolling every year, and around 7,000 full-time students, it’s best to register early in order to avoid ‘’the chaos’’.

If you are a freshman like we once were, sometimes you have no clue on what criteria you have to meet, what places you have to go to, or even what courses you would like to take. There are two different ways to register for classes at AWC and we will review both of them but first you will need to make sure you have met the necessary requirements stated in the AWC admissions site.

Get Professional Help!

If, like most new students you are unsure or have not completely decided what career you would like to prepare for, you can take advantage of the academic advisory team located in the second floor of the 3C building. They may be able to aid you in better understanding where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and help you better interpret your placement test results. In my personal experience I made good use of an academic adviser when deciding my schedule and which classes I should take towards my Ag. Science major. I also received useful tips on how to use WebAdvisor.

Harold is a Scottish student on Exchange, he preferred to remain anonymous.

As expected, after speaking to several current students, we gathered that improper use of Academic advisers may sometimes hinder your progress, rather than aid it. One student, Harold (not his real name), an exchange student who is currently doing his major in Psychology said, ‘’Academic advisers are not very helpful.’’ So make sure that you have the right courses in mind, or that you have consulted your head of faculty prior to seeing an academic adviser.

On the other hand, better prepared students have even managed to cut down the length of their major by using the help of an adviser when choosing courses. Blanca (not her real name) who is a freshman in nursing pointed out that, ‘’ the academic adviser was very straightforward and showed much interest in helping out with my individual academic needs.’’

We would strongly recommend that you take into consideration the advice given by these experienced counselors, and if, after seeing them you are still not clear on what career path to take, or what courses to register to, visit the different faculty heads at AWC, provided that they are available to see you.


In-Person Registration

3C Hallway and Admissions

The Admissions Office is open throughout the summer and during the late fall months to register for the next semester. The Office is located on the top floor of the 3C building on the Main AWC campus. Although it is usually busy at times, as Elena (Admissions office employee)  pointed out “during peak times the registration process is hectic, phones ringing off the hook, students coming and asking unnecessary questions, even online it’s busy because it’s registration time and we are open registration and everyone tends to do all of it at the same time” It’s recommended that you get in at an early stage so you have time to fill out the paperwork to get your classes or to register online rather than fight the crowd.

Online Registration

Online Registration Site

We are very fortunate at AWC to have a very up to date system/model when it comes to admissions. The ever evolving processes have been crafted over the last few decades to adjust to modern day student needs, so whether you are at home on your Laptop or at work messing around on your smartphone, you can always access the online admissions site of the college. During his High school class, Cody (now a freshman at AWC) took advantage of the online registration process, and he discovered that ‘’ it’s much faster and you save time and money due to the fact that you don’t have to travel to college and wait in line… It literally took me seconds to register for my classes. I was impressed, since I did it on my iPhone.’’According to Elena from admissions, she has “… been here eleven years and the change has been drastic; there weren’t online admissions, no online registration, only up until a few of years ago. There’s more things that we do online now that we did back then which is more efficient and more organized.” However most future students will still take advantage of the traditional process of enrolling, and they will be happy to discover that there are plenty of helpful options which can be consulted when necessary, which is fine, but don’t later complain about not being able to sign up for certain courses because someone has already beat you to it.


Traumatized student, unfamiliar with the online registration process.
All in all both processes of registration have it’s advantages. If you get to college early and avoid the admissions queues, you will have plenty of help and you should be done in a couple of hours, so if you live close to college or have no access to a computer with internet, then this is your only option. If however, you choose to register online, you may find that it is at first difficult to understand the online registration process, however once you are familiar with it, you will get to laugh at all of the students queuing  up for hours to register for two classes, only to find out that someone has already beat them to it.

You should take advantage of all the resources and aids offered at AWC, but make sure you don’t abuse them; after all they are there for that reason; to help students.  So first decide what career you wish to take,take a good look at the online catalog, admissions and registrations site, prior to that you should make sure that you are familiar with the system. If you are unsure on what classes you should register to, then visit the academic advisers at the 3C building upstairs. One of the college’s mission is to help students to clarify any doubts, so you are not alone. Best of luck Matador.


29 thoughts on “The ”Wonderful” Admissions Experience

  1. Liz Lipumano

    This was a clear blog that helped me understand how the admission department works. It is nice how you guys focused on Online Registration to be easier than waiting in line on campus. Your verdict was straight to point, but I think you guys could have added a few more details in the in person registration.Great job!

  2. I really like how straightforward this is. You must’ve found a lot of decisive information as you researched. The “traumatized student” picture was also pretty funny, but I think it might help to not be so biased against the registration process from the very beginning of the blog.

  3. Pedro Rangel

    Great blog, the only thing I noticed that might hurt the credibility of it all is your interview to mystery interviewee “Blanca”. It seems quite unusual that even when she is making positive comments you chose to keep her anonymous.

  4. Spenser Clark

    I think you did a really good job laying out the admissions process and what you have to do, I would have liked specific details or examples of a student not being able to register or being to late to really grasp the image of how chaotic the program is. I also think the first link contradicted your statement about enrollment seeing that it’s number of students only shoes 6900 which made the credibility seem off.

  5. Danise Ruiz

    Great statistics! What advisor did “Blanca” see so i can go to that advisor? lol I thought this blog was very well written, i like the pictures and the links. could have interviewed some students who did have a hard time with the regristration process.

  6. Bianka Figueroa

    I like the pictures you added into your blog. After reading this I feel very well informed about registration and which path I should take. What could have made your blog even better is if you interview a student you registered in person.

  7. Bili Escobar

    Although we all know how bad and stressful registering can be. You guys should have balanced a little more of the good. Good job though! I agree with everything haha I never look forward to the admissions process :p

  8. Zachary Alvarez

    poor traumatized student, maybe he should try using only one computer. I liked this article, it was very amusing and contained very useful information, adding information on late registration might be nice

  9. Nehemias Pascual

    i really like the pictures that you guys put. great job on that one. i think you guys could have put interviews from student who didn’t have a bad experience with registration. unless nobody had a good experience at all.

  10. This was kinda biased against the whole thing from the start. Personally I didn’t have much of a problem even though I registered late. But otherwise I found the tips you included very helpful. 🙂

  11. Well written post! I was able to see this in the early draft stages, and I’m impressed by the way you took what was initially such a broad topic and found a narrow, specific focus. Think carefully about if/why you need to blur someone’s face in a photo. Is this such a sensitive topic that the person’s face can’t be shown? I’d say leave out the student’s photo altogether if they’re looking for anonymity. Also, is there really a need to change their names? By simply using their first names and not their last names, they retain anonymity. This is not a controversial or sensitive topic; unnecessary anonymity (changing names, blurring photos) can potentially detract from your credibility. Would love to have a photo of Elena from admissions office so readers can put a friendly face with a name.

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