Tatum Koogle, Nehemias Pascual, Edgar Rios, Jonathan Vazquez
October 3, 2013

Andale pumping up the crowd at a local AWC football game.
Andale pumping up the crowd at a local AWC football game.


Have you ever wonder what would it be like if there was more school spirit in AWC? Do you ever consider engaging in school events such as football games or homecoming? Imagine how much fun it would be if there are numerous amounts of students in the crowd during a football game, chanting for their team, it would be a blast. Here I have listed why students should be involved with their school’s activities and events. And what we could improve to increase our school spirit.

Matador Sports

Some sports offered at Arizona Western College.

  • Football (Aug-December)


  • Soccer (August-November)


  • Basketball


  • Volleyball


Mats take the WIN!!!
Mats take the WIN!!!

Let’s talk sports, its fall and you know what that means; Football!! The Matadors football team takes home their fourth win this semester late Saturday night. Proving what a powerhouse of a team they really are by a score of 78-6. The Arizona Western College Matadors football team are heavy hitters on a winning streak and with the potential to be unstoppable with some more school spirit we could charge to victory and stampede all the way to the top. Let’s show them we got them covered, let’s show them we got all the spirit!!!Go Matadors!!!

Student Participation

School spirit is one of the greatest things to see while wandering around campus, as you’re walking to your next class on a game day you notice a group of students chanting, consumed by paint, and sporting the colors of the school. Not only does this give sports teams more of an inspiration, it also provides students with the embodiment of being part of something bigger. An ordinary old school day can be turned into something for the scholars to look forward too, while embracing it as they are there. However, this isn’t exactly something Arizona Western College would consider one of their greatest aspects.

            A majority of students that attend the campus don’t seem to take much of an interest when it comes to

ASU blackout game on top and UofA fans sporting red on bottom.
ASU blackout game on top and UofA fans sporting red on bottom.

involvement in spirit and sporting events. On a game day, the setting doesn’t appear to be much different than any other school day, nobody really represents the colors and the attendance of the events are even more shocking. AWC is comprised of a pretty large amount of students and of this vast group, only about thirty- fifty are there to support their fellow matadors in their duels. Hopefully this is something that will improve and it should since the school has quite phenomenal athletic teams. This may be something for the current students to take into consideration, and let’s hope the spirit starts to rise in the years to come.


As AWC cheerleaders we have an inside scoup on school spirit. On the spirit squad we have a combination of

Cheer girls stunting trying to excite the crowd!
Cheerleaders stunting trying to excite the crowd!

cheerleaders and dancers. Even though we do different things and have different abilities we fall under the same category and head coach. Head coach Tiffany Minnick has done an amazing job of getting her girls and guys to express school spirit at games and even around campus, “School spirit motivates the athletes and makes them want to work harder to get the big win in not only the games but in their school work as well.”  School Spirit is very important to this group of students and it makes it hard sometimes to get excited about things at school when nobody else on campus cares. Emily who is a Sophomore at AWC and has been a cheerleader for eight years now said, “The first couple of Football games got kind boring toward the end but then at the fourth home game the people in the crowd were cheering on the team and it made cheering feel worth it and fun.”



Does anything jump out at you?
Does anything jump out at you?

Advertisement at AWC does not make it easy for students to know the ins and outs of whats what on campus. Just today there was a breast cancer walk around campus and I had no idea until it was over. Also I was walking around today at school looking for posters or something on what events are coming up and all I found was a small cork board covered in papers by the cafeteria. Even though it may be a convenient place, what about the students that don’t go to the caf or people that just walk right by it. I know for sure that I have never stopped to look before today. Even on our school website the information doesn’t jump out at you and grab your attention. Students are lazy and aren’t going to go looking for things. I know we have a graphic design program at AWC, maybe event advertisement would be a good thing for them to take up as a project.

A simple sheet of paper on the wall won’t get me excited for anything and I get anxious for the simplest events that have potential for being fun.

  • ·         Maybe a school wide e-mail could be sent out with the event schedule.
  • ·         Do we even have a student council?
  • ·         Themed spirit days sound fun! Or themed sporting events? (like cardinal craze where everyone wears cardinal)



23 thoughts on “WESTERN PRIDE!

  1. Liz Lipumano

    Great Blog! I think it would be awesome in your you tube video if you guys would have added the actual sounds of people cheering for their teams instead of music. It would help me feel as if I was there.

  2. Sara Jackson

    I loved this article! I think it would have been helpful to give the months that each sport is played, but overall I really enjoyed this article

  3. Great job on the article! I also agree that we need more school spirit here, and it’s nice to know there are people out there trying to make that happen. It would’ve been pretty cool if you could have gotten a video of Andale cheering too!

  4. This was a great post and I enjoyed reading it! I also think that going to college would be a lot more fun if we had more school spirit. I think that if you had included the months of when basketball and volleyball were played, it would have looked more professional.

  5. Valerie Hill

    I loved reading this! I think it would be a great idea to put a mass email out to help students know what is going on. I would have really liked to see the months that volleyball and basketball were played too. Other than that, very good (:

  6. Kyle Davis

    This is a convincing blog for more school spirit. But all the pictures and video are all about football and there is more to this school than that one sport.

  7. Spenser Clark

    This is a little depressing and extremely true. I don’t think I have ever even been to a game let alone known when and where it was. I think the only thing missing is the time and dates of the games or maybe a link directly to somewhere to find it rather than just the school website! But great job!

  8. Gina Miller

    You did a great job on your post. I agree there should be more advertisement on campus about the events especially the sporting events going on here at AWC. On Facebook, I found that Matador Sports Network advertises the games also. I am hoping to go the the Homecoming game this week end! Go Matadors!! 🙂

  9. Danise Ruiz

    I think school would actaully be more intresting if we did have themed spirit days! I Really liked the video and the background song, the blog would have been better if there was a bit more info on the spirit days and added some volleyball instead of just football.

  10. Bianka Figueroa

    I had so much fun reading this blog! It was really easy to read and the things you commented about I can definitely relate. I agree with Sara Jackson one thing that would be nice is if you could have given the months of when each sport is played. Maybe by doing that students of AWC will try to be more involved for our players.

  11. Shannon Nigh

    I really liked how easy it was to read, and I also liked how there were examples of not having school spirit at AWC. The one thing that I would have liked to have seen is a schedule of when the sports will be played, and maybe how they are ranked.

  12. I really liked it. There were a few grammatical errors but over all I really liked the post. I liked the music in the video and it was a really cool edit. I also liked what it was about. I am very interested in the spirit of the school. I t looks fun.

  13. Brie Ann Lute

    This is a great blog post! I do agree that we need more school spirit. it would have been nice to see pictures of people cheering for every sport.

  14. Matt Velazquez

    good job on the blog! I agree completely with your blog and i believe something should be done to fix the issue. Thank you for raising the awareness

  15. Zachary Alvarez

    hmm, nice entry and I definitely agree. however, it would be nice if you listed the information here or explained how it can be found rather than simply suggest how this could be changed. Do us all a favor and be the first to make an effort to increase school spirit now that you’ve made readers aware of it

  16. Bili Escobar

    Overall this was a really good blog! I liked the video but maybe if it was a little longer or if it at least showed the crowd a little more to show some school spirit. Also I like that you guys stuck more to football since that’s what we’re in right now but what about when it’s over and we get to soccer/basketball/volleyball season. Will this blog still be as useful?

  17. Jose Rosales-Rodarte

    This is true because I go to most of their home games and every time I see the same people in the stands. The games are more fun when there is more people there.

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