Stay awake during a boring class

By Reyna Morado, Jamye Diaz & Aidali Quintero

As you may know most of the students think classes are boring just for the things they hear or things like that instead of paying attention they just sleep on the classroom. There are many ways you can stay awake during class and not falling asleep. Some examples of it are giving yourself some energy before class, get up and move inside or outside classroom, usage of websites and be actively participating in class. Continue reading “Stay awake during a boring class”

How To Use Blackboard


Marisol Ramirez &

Cynthia Coronel

Eng 100-203

Technology is a necessity in these days, most countries use technology. For example, we students use this site called blackboard in college. Blackboard was founded by Michael Chasen and Matthew Pittinsky on June 1997. They wanted to build better educational experience, innovating students to success with the help of blackboard. Blackboard helps students be extra involved in their courses. Knowing how to use blackboard is an easy task if you follow these simple steps; log in, find your course, know how to attach an assignment in blackboard, and know where to look for help. Continue reading “How To Use Blackboard”

How to make friends the first week of class

Eddie Piceno

Jesus Fragozo

Karime Valdez

Eng 100-203

AWC Mascot Google Image

AWC Mascot Google Image

Being new to a school can sometimes be frightening. Especially if it’s your first day and you don’t have anybody you know. Yet there are many tips on how you can make friends on your first week of class. Being outgoing, getting to know classmates, and going to tutoring can help a student make friends in the first week of college. Continue reading “How to make friends the first week of class”

How to Survive on Your First Day on Campus

By: Jasmine Flores, Jordana Monroy, and Luis Huerta

Eng 100-023

During high school teachers tend to tell students that college is very hard. When students get to college they don’t know what to expect. On your first day of high school you get extremely nervous imagine on your first day of college when people have made you hate college even before you start. Every first day of school is hard and nerve wracking, but college is even worst, here are some helpful tips for survival on your first day on campus. Continue reading “How to Survive on Your First Day on Campus”

How to find a good parking spot

By:Grendi Noriega and Christian Flores

Most colleges have issues with campus parking lots. For example,  AWC students also have struggled with parking lots in school.Their are three steps to get a parking space near the school building.School parking lots can be an issue, with the limited students, and wasting time. College campus parking lots can cause a lot of issues. Continue reading “How to find a good parking spot”

How To Register for Classes

Kenia Romero

Alejandra Vasquez

English 100-203

Have you taken in consideration on what to do after high school? If you have chosen college, registering for classes may sometimes be a hassle and at times frustrating. Common dilemmas college students face when attempting to register for classes are not knowing where to, not knowing how to build your schedule, and not knowing deadlines for classes. Well you don’t have to worry anymore about the frustration because here are some tips to help you with the process. Continue reading “How To Register for Classes”

How to be Organized All Semester

Marisol Medina

Nallely Sixtos

English 100-203

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the complexity of college life? During the process of attending college one of the major keys to be successful is to be organized during the semester. Most college students have difficulty adapting in their first semester due to bad habits. Regarding staying organized, avoiding procrastination, limiting distractions, and managing time can be very useful to overachieve. Continue reading “How to be Organized All Semester”