Tatum Koogle, Nehemias Pascual, Edgar Rios, Jonathan Vazquez
October 3, 2013

Andale pumping up the crowd at a local AWC football game.
Andale pumping up the crowd at a local AWC football game.


Have you ever wonder what would it be like if there was more school spirit in AWC? Do you ever consider engaging in school events such as football games or homecoming? Imagine how much fun it would be if there are numerous amounts of students in the crowd during a football game, chanting for their team, it would be a blast. Here I have listed why students should be involved with their school’s activities and events. And what we could improve to increase our school spirit.

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Computer Lab used by Matadors For Academic Obligations

Catrynna Acosta

Gina Miller

Elizabeth Meyers

Claudia Sanchez

English 101-006

Walking to the computer lab this is what I see, matadors typing effortlessly, I got a passion for my class and I ain’t afraid to show it; I’m nerdy and I know it.

The gateway to glory, also known as one of the two entrances to the computer lab.

The Academic Complex Computer Lab (ACCL) is a site established for students to work on school assignments. It is located on Arizona Western College’s (AWC) main campus in the Academic Complex (AC) Building; room AC 159. This lab has its many perks such as the software, the service, accessibility, etc. and offers multiple things for the students that may be needed for a class. The computer lab is a convenient workplace for any student; it has over 120 computers available every day of the week, however the time schedule varies depending on the day. Continue reading “Computer Lab used by Matadors For Academic Obligations”

AWC: Melting Pot In The Desert

Kyle, Nolan, Spenser, Harley

Eng 101-006

International Program-

We all agree that the International program is a great thing for this college. Our group has experienced the difficulties in moving from country to country and how tedious it is. We have watched our family in Mexico come seek education in this country only to be bombarded with paper work and red tape. We have dealt with these matters first hand so what better place to go than AWC? Arizona Western College has a campus that is sprawling with life and opportunity.  Arizona western college has one of the best international programs available for students looking for a broader outlook on desert life. Whether you are currently attending or still undecided, AWC offers you an affordable and multicultural atmosphere. From Brazil to Russia, the international program unites students from all parts of the world, bringing a great deal of understanding and diversity to the college setting. Continue reading “AWC: Melting Pot In The Desert”

A True Look Into Dorm Life

Tanner McAninch and Jose Rosales-Rodarte

ENG 101-006


Have you ever watched a movie about college and wonder what living in the dorms would be like? Well be prepared to view six different aspects of dorm life through the eyes of two Arizona Western college students who are currently living on campus.

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Lunch Time

Alan Carrillo

Pedro Rangel

Keila Foley

Valerie Munoz

ENG 101-012

This is the front view of the Cafeteria
This is the front view of the Cafeteria

Being hungry is no joking matter, as a college student most of us have a very tight budget. Between tuition, overpriced books and the cost of transportation we are left with a very limited income and a harsh question, where to eat? AWC cafeteria “tries” to meet the needs of students and faculty. There are different opinions to the efficiency and cost of a meal plan. The truth is that like any other public service AWC cafeteria has its supporters and those that are against it. Pros and cons are always easy to find at any establishment that is built to accommodate diverse types of people. It might be safe to say that when the cafeteria addresses many of the needs of the average student there are still several things that could be improved to best serve our pockets. The truth is that no matter how much the system changes there will always be nonconformist, and as a student I can’t blame them. Who wouldn’t want to get the most for their hard earned money? So my biggest question would be why should I eat at the AWC cafeteria? Continue reading “Lunch Time”

Financial Aid at AWC

Zachary Alvarez

Zachary Harrison

Erick Martinez


What Has 1 Arm, 1 Leg and No Money?

            Just about all of us, as college students in this day and age, have trouble handling all the finances involved with college. I think we can all agree that it is hard to get through college without financial help from relatives, especially when we’re buying $200 books that we’ll only use for one semester and often not at all. Fortunately for us, we have the financial aid office, and now we don’t all have to spend an arm and a leg to put more weight in our school bags. Continue reading “Financial Aid at AWC”