Lunch Time

Alan Carrillo

Pedro Rangel

Keila Foley

Valerie Munoz

ENG 101-012

This is the front view of the Cafeteria
This is the front view of the Cafeteria

Being hungry is no joking matter, as a college student most of us have a very tight budget. Between tuition, overpriced books and the cost of transportation we are left with a very limited income and a harsh question, where to eat? AWC cafeteria “tries” to meet the needs of students and faculty. There are different opinions to the efficiency and cost of a meal plan. The truth is that like any other public service AWC cafeteria has its supporters and those that are against it. Pros and cons are always easy to find at any establishment that is built to accommodate diverse types of people. It might be safe to say that when the cafeteria addresses many of the needs of the average student there are still several things that could be improved to best serve our pockets. The truth is that no matter how much the system changes there will always be nonconformist, and as a student I can’t blame them. Who wouldn’t want to get the most for their hard earned money? So my biggest question would be why should I eat at the AWC cafeteria? Continue reading “Lunch Time”


Vending Machines at Our College

Thomas Green, Elizabeth Lugo, Rita Moreno, Nayeli Manzo, Rosangel Gutierrez

English 101-211

Students using the vending machines at SLLC September 2013
Students using the vending machines at SLLC September 2013

As anybody that is a student here at the Arizona Western College, San Luis Learning Center (SLLC) that has ever gotten hungry or thirsty while at school knows, we have a few vending machines in our halls. There are four vending machines in total here at SLLC. A vending machine that offers a variety, although limited, of drinks, and a vending  machine that offers a variety, also limited, of edibles in each the left and right hallway of our campus. A quick walk down these hallways, with a little observation, you can see some students purchasing some of these products that the vending machines offer. While some of the other students completely ignore them. Continue reading “Vending Machines at Our College”