San Luis Learning Center Layout

Abel Guiza, Arturo Cordova,

Ricardo Carranza, Miriam Villarreal

English 101-212

Are branch college campuses supposed to be as big as the actual college? What might be the advantages or disadvantages for students, teachers or staff members? Here at the San Luis Learning Center we have different expectations as well as perspectives about the structure and size of the building. The San Luis Learning Center, constructed in 2007, is located aside from San Luis High School and it’s a single building in which a good quantity of students attend each day. For some of us the size of this college is advantageous, and for other students it might not be quite as beneficial but instead unhelpful. Students, as well as teachers and staff members, have different opinions about this particular subject that we have to deal with day by day.

San Luis Learning Center Plaque Monday September 30,2013.
San Luis Learning Center Plaque Monday September 30,2013.

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Not Just a Room

By: Jonathan Diaz, Jesus Mendez, Jesus Felix – (The Group of J’s)

ENG 101-212

Students hanging out the available space provided in the San Luis campus, 2013.

College, a place to learn and work towards your future career goals and gain social interaction experiences. The AWC which is the community college has various campuses throughout the Yuma County. The branch here in San Luis, AZ is not as big as the main campus, the lack of places to kill time, hang out with friends, or even study has an impact when most student collide in the main office. This comes into much more consideration when the high school next door brings their seniors to be freshmen to take their proper tests for their next year in college; Creating a barricade of people all around the main office lacking the space to even walk by. We strongly believe that our branch requires more areas for current students to study and socialize while remaining in campus. For example, a game room filled with air hockey or pool tables in the middle of the room and TVs mounted on the walls along with tables around the room. Or a study room where there was more than one person helping you out with every question that arises in your studies and that has the time of listening to your questions. Continue reading “Not Just a Room”