About the Authors

This blog offers an inside look at two campuses of Arizona Western College — a regular college dissected by several classes of English students. Whether you’re an potential new student, this is your alma mater, or even if you aren’t or don’t plan on attending and happened to come across this blog, there’s something here for you.

The information in the pages found here provide viewers with a variety of topics to entertain, inform and persuade: from student-made reviews of the various aspects of college like the dormitoriescampus parking and even the food that is served between classes, to “Day 1 Survival Guides” giving hints and tips to new students such as studying techniques and how to access to the various resources on campus.






A  student-created video about school spirit featured in our blog:


All of the students’ posts contained here bring you an insider’s perspective of the many aspects of the college we attend, be it first year students explaining his or her first experiences and difficulties or a graduating student blogging their unbiased opinions about college or what they feel can or should be improved to better the experiences of future students. So look around and discover all we have to share about our college.

This blog is culmination of a three-week project by students in professor McGregor’s English classes in an attempt to improve students writing ability through the practice of blogging and additionally teaching them an applicable professional life skill in the process.

We hope you enjoy it – leave us a comment if you do!

  — Zachary Alvarez, ENG 101 student, main campus of AWC

A student-created video tour of the San Luis Learning Center, also featured in our blog:

8 thoughts on “About the Authors

  1. Donna Knepper Taylor

    This is phenomenal! Great job putting this together; and, I will refer my students to the blog!

    Donna Knepper Taylor
    Professor of Reading/Division Chair of Communication

  2. Thank you for your hard work and creativity on this project. You have shown that digital writing can be authentic, engaging, and persuasive in ways that traditional argumentative essays cannot.

    How did you all determine your rhetorical purpose before beginning your project?

  3. Thank you for inspiring me to try this with my eighth grade students. You have done an awesome job, and I can only hope that my students put the same effort into their blog. We will keep checking back to read what’s next!

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