AWC: Da Gameroom

College is generally seen as a place for hard work and learning. Students always seem to be stressed and in need of time for leisure and require some sort of entertainment. For this reason, gamerooms were created across campuses worldwide to quench the thirst that students desire for their entertainment needs. AWC has jumped on the bandwagon on having a gameroom for their student body.

Contents of the Game Room

AWC’s gameroom is located on the top floor of the 3c building on the main campus. It consists of 4 pool tables, 2 ping pong tables, 2 tv’s for students to hook up their game consoles and an Xbox 360 is provided on one of the tv’s. The AWC game room also has many chairs and tables around the perimeter of the room so that students can relax or do homework. Below is a slide show showing the amenities available for use in the game room.

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The game room at AWC is open from 9AM to 7PM. It is available for all students if they provide their student I.D. to the student worker in charge. There is no set rules in the game room other than providing identification. Staff expects students to practice common courtsies while using the room.

Pros of the Game Room

The game room is a good place for students to relax and entertain themselves while they wait for their next class to begin. It is completely free for all students and allows them to have somewhere to socialize and entertain themselves. Freshman Aaron Abitong says,” The game room is pretty cool because just being a student gets you in.”

Thats a big thing for a lot of students because they pay for so much already it is nice to have something positive to do for free.

There are events such as tournaments available for pool and ping pong that are completely free. The game room is a positive environment and it is safe from ridicule or any kind of misconduct. People are just there to have fun. The game room is always clean and well maintained and never has any foul stenches to run people out. Students practice common courtesies and make sure to wait their turn.  There are places to sit around the perimeter of the game room so students wont have to stand to wait for their turn. It is quite convenient and a very fun place to be.

Cons of the Game Room

Although the game room has all these amenities, it is lacking in a few ways. One issue that is quite noticeable is the fact that is very compact. It is quite a big issue to most students such as freshman Yesenia Lopez who states,”It is packed..and there is alot of people.”

The game room is just too small for the amount of visitors that come in and out daily. It is about the size of the bookstore in the 3c building at the main AWC campus or maybe smaller. It is a fact that more and more students are beginning to attend AWC and the game room is just not big enough for the people at this Jr college. Students claim to have to wait up to an hour or more for a turn because of the amount of people there. Right outside of the game room, there is a giant window that allows students to look down into the cafeteria. Frankly, I and many other students agree that the window serves no purpose and is even a little creepy. The game room could be expanded quite a few yards if that window was removed. Another issue that needs attention is the fact that with all these people in the game room, there aren’t enough activities for everyone to do. AWC’s game room is dwarfed by other game rooms such as the one at the University of Montana. They have much more for their students to do in there and it is a lot bigger. They make sure to accommodate for the amount of visitors that they have. Unlike the University of Montana’s game room, AWC only has 3 activities available for students. Maybe if they could include more activities for students they wouldn’t have to be standing around waiting for their turn to play. The last issue that has been mentioned by quite a few of my peers is the fact that the game room does not open later than 7pm. Some students have class passed that time and are waiting for the late YCAT bus outside in the dark and feel it would be more comforting if they were able to be indoors with other people.

In Da Conclusion

The game room is a great place when you catch it at a right time, but we, the people, feel it can be improved greatly by adding more things to do and maybe expanding the amount of space. Perhaps our faculty can even have 2 game rooms. I strongly urge them to consider these statements and improve the game room for our students to enjoy and accommodate for our late classes. It would help us improve our quality of life and have more appreciation for the school.


27 thoughts on “AWC: Da Gameroom

  1. Liz Lipumano

    I think you guys could have explained why the game room closes early. It would help the readers to know why their hours of operation doesn’t coincide with all the games they offer since its a place to relax and have fun. Everything else is great. I like the interviews you guys conducted. Great blog!
    5 stars=)

  2. I like how you guys found so much information about the game-room, mostly because I wouldn’t even know where to start looking! Although, I think longer and more informative interviews would’ve been helpful for this.

  3. Sara Jackson

    I think longer interviews would have been better. Maybe asking them what they did or did not like about the game room and expanding more.

  4. Valerie Hill

    Good job guys. I honestly didn’t even know there was a game room at AWC until I read your blog. Why does it close early sometimes though?

  5. Pedro Rangel

    Excellent blog, interviews were well placed, only thing that might be needed is in the conclusion. the statement was made ” It can be improved by adding more things to do.” Well those that bring the problem must state the solution. Things like what ask people what else would they like added to it other then just space.

  6. Spenser Clark

    Good review and the slideshow was a good added touch! I think most of the talking points you hit were accurate as well as informative. Although I would’ve liked to see more extensive interviews or why the game room is not publicized more. Up until a few weeks ago I didn’t even know there was a game room. Also, you stated that the game room is free of any misconduct, is that because of rules stated there or how are they enforced? other than that great blog keep up the good work!

  7. Danise Ruiz

    I enjoyed reading this blog. I do agree with making the gameroom bigger, it does tend to get packed! I would also like to know why does the gameroom close early? Really good facts very informative. maybe a few more Detailed interviews. Great job!! 🙂

  8. Bianka Figueroa

    You did an excellent job at adding pictures and describing in great detail how the game room works and how it looks like. Your blog could have been even better if you would have investigated for us and explain why our game room is limited of game activities than the university in Montana.

  9. Shannon Nigh

    Great job, and I agree how small this game room is. I would have liked to have a longer interview with more details, but overall it is a good blog.

  10. Brie Ann Lute

    nice job! I never knew we had a game room, thats pretty cool! maybe dividing up the pros and cons would make it easier to read.

  11. Bili Escobar

    Because the videos were short, I think maybe putting them together would have been better. Or at least adding more student’s opinions to the gameroom. This is a good blog though, I agree with both it’s pro and cons 🙂

  12. Zachary Alvarez

    you did a pretty good job describing the game room and you’re right about the window being mostly useless aside from brightening the room a bit, didn’t know it had that kind of view though, I guess that could be considered “disturbing” by some but I don’t really see anyone paying it much attention. you should add something that encourages students to speak with the faculty about making some changes if you think there is some improvement needed.

  13. Edgar Rios

    I think you did a good job at informing us about the benefits and negatives of the game room, but that interviews seemed very short.

  14. Nehemias Pascual

    I love the slideshow that you guys put. i can definitely see how small it is.
    I think the topic was cool and catchy “Da Gameroom”
    1.)Contents of the Game Room
    2.)Pros and Cons of the Game Room
    3.) In da conclusion.
    on the 3rd one you guys put the instead of the. i think it kinda lost the consistency on that one or perhaps the other way around. i mean you guys named it Da Gameroom might as well stick to it with Da sub headings.

  15. Nolan Nady

    it seems like a very good place to socialize. i would like to know more about the social structure of the room and how a new comer would fit in

  16. Jose Rosales-Rodarte

    I don”t really go to the game room but I have seen it and every time it is packed with a lot of people and its only open on school days so people who live on campus don’t get a chance to go because of sports or class. It has really good information about it though.

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